President Trump

Pres. Trump Sounds Off on James Comey’s Recently Released Memos

President Trump sounds off on the newly-released memos of fired FBI Director James Comey. He took to twitter late Friday, saying Comey illegally leaked classified memos to the press, in order to spark the special counsel’s investigation. The President claims the infamously debunked Steele dossier launched a probe into alleged Russian interference in the 20-16 election, which he has repeatedly referred to as a witch hunt.

Pres. Trump: I Don’t See Michael Cohen Flipping on Me, Despite Witch Hunt

President Trump is hitting back against the New York Times for questioning the loyalty of his personal attorney.The president said in a tweet Saturday third rate reporter Maggie Haberman who he called a crooked Hillary-flunkie, and the New York Times, are going out of their way to destroy his long-time attorney Michael Cohen and claims there is a plot to flip Cohen against him.He added, the newspaper is using non-existent sources and a reporter, which he called a drunk or drugged up loser who hates Cohen.

Sessions Warned White House He Would Resign if Deputy AG Rosenstein was Fired

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reportedly putting the White House on notice, saying he’ll resign if Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is fired. Reports Friday said Sessions made the comments to the White House Counsel last weekend. His words came amid a series of tweets by President Trump against Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, following the FBI raid of his Personal Attorney Michael Cohen.

Supreme Court to Consider White House Travel Ban

The Supreme Court will hear closing arguments regarding President Trump’s latest proposed ban on illegal aliens attempting to enter the country from Muslim majority nations. Hawaiian officials have railed against the proposal for the last 15 months, prior to the announcement on Wednesday. Those against the plan argue that it unconstitutionally discriminates against Muslims.But the White House argues the ban only focuses on nations with a history of exporting terrorism.

Pres. Trump arrives in Key West, Fla. For Intelligence Meeting

President Trump thanks the military and the department of homeland security for their work in combating drugs and human trafficking. The President was greeted by military members and supporters at Naval Air Station Key West Thursday where he attended a briefing with intelligence chiefs of the joint interagency task force and other agencies. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, as well as the acting director of national drug control policy, were also a part of the meeting.

Steel Execs: Pres. Trump to Slap Quotas On Metals Imports to Tackle Deficits

Steel industry executives said President Trump might impose quotas on steel trade with U.S. allies. Steel executives welcomed the President’s decision to crack down on foreign dumping of cheap industrial metals. Following last week’s meeting with Trump administration officials, executives said tariff exempt U.S. allies will have to join a trade coalition against China.