President Trump

Rep. Gowdy Says IG Report Helps President Trump

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy weighs in on the Justice Department’s inspector general report into the Clinton email scandal, saying it helps President Trump.

During an interview today, Gowdy said if the report exonerates the president, then it’s beneficial.

The GOP lawmaker suggested the report proved those involved in the Russian collusion probe were biased against President Trump.

Poll: Most Voters Call NK Summit a Success

A new poll suggests registered voters are optimistic about President Trump’s recent summit with Kim Jong Un. According to a survey from Morning Consult, Politico, over half of respondents said the recent summit was ‘very or somewhat successful’, while just 24% said it was unsuccessful. The results were mostly split along party lines, with roughly 80% of Republicans viewing the summit favorably, compared to just 38% of Democrats.