Rand Paul: Spending Bill Will Raise Nat’l Deficit By One Trillion

Senate Republicans say Rand Paul was right to criticize oversight of government spending before the passage of the new two year spending bill. On Friday Paul slammed the new government spending bill, saying it fails to address the deficit and raises the debt ceiling at the same time. He argued the decision adds $400 billion to defense spending as well as non-defense expenses, which puts America at risk of adding another $1 trillion to the national debt.

U.S., European Allies Working Together To Improve Iran Nuclear Deal

As the Trump administration continues efforts to combat threats from Iran, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the U.S. is working with European allies to improve the Obama-era nuclear deal. Speaking in Poland Saturday, Tillerson claims he is working with leaders in Germany, France and the UK as they look to identify the main issues with the agreement.

Pres. Trump Calls For End To ‘Catch & Release’ Immigration Loophole

President trump calls for stronger immigration policies and better border security. In a tweet Saturday the President thanked the head of the national border security council Brandon Judd for supporting his proposal on the southern border wall. He went on to remark, the ‘loophole’ which allows apprehended illegal immigrants to be released while they await trial, must be closed.