Open Borders Part Of Democrats Plan To Import New Voters

OAN’s Pearson Sharp
12:46 PM – Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Illegal aliens are being handed flyers as they come across the border reminding them to vote for Joe Biden during the next election. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.


For most Americans—most sensible people—it’s impossible to understand what’s happening on the southern border.

This is an invasion the likes of which we’ve never seen—we can’t even imagine how bad it really is.

We’re being conquered, plain and simple, without a single shot being fired.

Well, not yet anyway—that’ll come later.

And, as horrifying as it is, this is exactly what our government wants—mass illegal immigration, replacement of law-abiding, native, American citizens with hordes of ravenous, disease-ridden barbarians.

Who—by the way—will be voting in the next election.

That may come as a surprise to many of you, but it’s true.

Democrats know they’ve screwed Americans over one too many times, and so there’s no way they could ever hope to be legitimately elected ever again.

Well, if you can’t win voters in America, you can sure as hell import them by the *millions from overseas.

So it’s not shocking at all that the illegal colonizers pouring over the border are being told to vote for Joe Biden in the next election.

Seriously—no joke, there’s a sinister NGO called the “Resource Center Matamoras” down in Mexico, and they’re handing out flyers telling illegals to, quote, “… vote for President Biden when you are in the United States. We need another four years of his term to stay open.”

Well they’re not hiding it—but we’ve known this was their goal the *entire time.

The founder of the Resource Center admitted to journalists that her only mission is to “flood the US with as many illegal aliens as possible before Trump gets reelected.”

This isn’t just some random organization, either—it’s well funded and very well connected.

The resource center is actually a part of the radical left-wing “Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society,” an organization designed specifically to help illegal aliens sneak into the US.

In fact, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas actually used to serve on the board of directors for the organization—which also just happened to get huge donations from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

You can’t make this up.

Liberals accuse conservatives of blaming George Soros for everything—but he’s literally involved in everything!

And you can already see their plan in motion.

In Texas—one of the worst-hit areas for illegal alien colonization—around 1.8 million new voters have mysteriously been registered to vote since the last election.

That’s pretty astonishing, when you consider Texas has about 16 million registered voters in total—and now, just before the November election—and just after several million illegal colonizers invaded Texas you have nearly 2 million new registered voters!

Let’s break it down.

Step 1: open the borders

Step 2: tell the illegals how to vote when they get here

Step 3: Suddenly millions of new voters show up right before the next election

Step 4: win the election!

But how can illegals vote, they can’t register! I hear you say.

But of course they can, my dear smooth-brained liberal amoebas.

In fact in Texas, they don’t even need ID to register; all the barbarians have to do fill out a form swearing that they’re eligible to vote, and voila!

You have a newly minted Biden voter.

You have to give them credit, it is a winning formula.

But not for you or me.

Not for Americans.

For the colonizers invading our homeland, and for the globalists in Washington making it happen.

We are being replaced, we are being conquered, we are being pushed out and our Republic is under attack.

Free and fair elections are over, in America, unless we demand accountability and clear the voter rolls now, before the election in November—because we already know it doesn’t do any good to try and fix it afterwards.

If we don’t do this now, it won’t be our country anymore, and you’d better start brushing up on your Spanish.

Soy Pearsona Sharpe, para Una America Noticias.


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