Congress Sells Out America With New Spending Bill

OAN’s Pearson Sharp
12:55 PM – Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Congress once again passes a massive spending bill, sending nearly $100 billion dollars overseas and providing nothing for America or our border security. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.


Washington has betrayed America once again.

It shouldn’t be surprising at this point, it’s happened so often it’d honestly be more surprising if they did something right for a change.

But with the passage of the latest $95-billion dollar spending bill… Congress has made it abundantly clear that they hate us, the American people—the ones who pay their salaries—and they are working overtime to ensure our destruction.

In this bill, Ukraine’s congressmen and women—I say Ukraine’s, because clearly they’re not ours—just signed off 61 billion dollars in aid for Ukraine, to protect their border, and for the purchase of new weapons and “forgivable loans.”

Obviously no one asked me, because I do not forgive these loans, I want my money back, now, with 100-percent interest for everything that’s been stolen from us.

By the way—the money for purchasing new weapons—goes right back to defense contractors here in America!

That money doesn’t go to Ukraine, it goes to Boeing—who spent $15-million dollars lobbying congress last year.

That money goes to Raytheon, who spent almost $12 million dollars lobbying congress last year.

That money goes to Northrup Grumman and Lockheed Martin, who together spent $25 million dollars lobbying Congress last year.

Are you getting the picture?

Because it looks like those investments are paying off.

Not for you or me, though.

And not for the Ukrainians dying on the front lines of a proxy war that our politicians know full well Ukraine has no chance of winning.

Another $26 billion dollars is going to funding the war in Israel and replenishing Israel’s missile defense systems—which we also just happen to manufacture.

How noble.

And by the way, you can rest easy know that $9 billion of that total will go straight to providing funding for Hamas terrorists.

That sounds an awful lot like funding both sides of a war—a war that we have no business being involved with in the first place.

And while we’re passing out billions, another $8 billion is going to so-called “US allies” in Asia to help counter China—meaning we keep the money and build new weapons to send them.

So where is America, in all of this?

Where is our support?

There isn’t any.

Not a single penny goes to helping Americans or closing our border or doing anything about inflation or gas prices or anything that will help stop our country devolving into a third-world hellhole.

Somehow, our “republican” House Speaker pushed through this $95-billion dollar aid package, and yet Democrats got everything they wanted.

So what did we get?

What did we get?

We got screwed, that’s what we got.

But don’t worry, Ukraine’s puppet leader for George Soros said he was personally grateful to Speaker Mike Johnson for sending our tax dollars to Ukraine.

Not a dollar for our broken border—which could have been secured twenty times over for what we’ve sent to Ukraine to secure their border.

The irony isn’t lost on these traitors, because they don’t care—they don’t work for us.

Don’t believe me?

You can see exactly who they work for—right here, and it’s not America.

You’d think our United States Representatives would represent the United States, not Ukraine.

Can you recall a time—even once in our history—when these globalist sycophants stood up and waved American flags as they chanted for America?


Not once?

Well there’s your problem, right there.

This is treason, plain and simple—Mike Johnson has turned his back on us, and with any luck, he and his “representatives for Ukraine” will face the consequences for their betrayal.

While our despicable leaders fund phony wars overseas… a very real war is coming here, to our shores—to America.

You think things are bad now?

Well buckle up, buttercup—because you ain’t seen nothin yet.

For One America News, I’m Pearson Sharp.


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