Innocent Americans Pay the Price for Democrats Illegal Immigration

OAN’s Pearson Sharp
12:36 PM -Monday, March 18, 2024

Democrats are encouraging illegal aliens to pour over the border in an effort to shift the balance of power in Washington despite the risks to our democracy and innocent American lives.

Please consider supporting Maddie Hines’ family, by visiting their website and donating to their scholarship fund “Love Like Maddie.”

In a surprise to no one who understands what’s happening, Democrats just unanimously—that means all of them—voted in favor of including illegal aliens on the US national census.

Now why do you think they would do that?

Why, oh why, do you think Democrats would want to include illegal aliens in the census?

For one very simple reason: the census determines House Seats and electoral college votes.

Meaning, the more illegals that Democrats can cram into their crumbling cities, the more votes they get come election time.

If you need more evidence, look no further than the Senate Judiciary Hearing on voting rights, where not a single Democrat witness would agree that only US citizens should be allowed to vote in presidential elections.

Do you get that?

Democrats want illegals to vote in elections—because they know who illegals will vote for.

Because for decades, Democrats have betrayed the American people, shamelessly—ruthlessly—and so now they know their only support will come from people who aren’t American.

If you’re wondering why we have open borders, this is why: it means power for the Democrats.

But, of course, this also takes away our rights as American citizens—this takes away our voices, makes our votes meaningless—it poisons the Democratic process.

And it doesn’t matter to the Democrats that they’re creating the worst national security risk in our nation’s *history—opening up the possibility for an attack a hundred times worse than 9/11.

Even the far left director of the FBI is afraid that Biden’s open border has created a “wide array of very dangerous threats.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray confirmed that “dangerous individuals” have already entered the US, and that an “awful lot of the violent crime” in America today is caused by illegals crossing over the southern border.

He added that the FBI is “very concerned” about human smuggling networks that have ties to the radical Muslim terror group the Islamic State.

But for Democrats, the risk is worth it—they’re willing to sacrifice everything to stay in power.

Including the lives of innocent Americans. Sheriff Ric Bradshaw of Palm Beach County, Florida, tore into Joe Biden and the federal government for the wave of crime on our streets after three illegal aliens from Guatemala kidnapped and sexually assaulted a Florida woman in March.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Suspects are, from left, Andres Felipe Morale, Darinel Ordonez Jimenez, Marcos Felipe Ramirez.
Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Suspects are, from left, Andres Felipe Morale, Darinel Ordonez Jimenez, Marcos Felipe Ramirez.

These are the men, the animals, who did this.

They aren’t Americans, they aren’t citizens, they don’t belong here, and they shouldn’t be here.

Sadly, this is just one of countless examples of the crime and destruction brought to our shores by these bloodthirsty invaders.

The truth is that illegal aliens, by default, are all criminals, every single one, and once you’ve committed one crime, you’re more likely to commit another.

These are people who have no respect for the rule of law, how can we invite them into our country and expect them to live with us, side by side, when their very first actions in our nation are to violate our laws? The tragic story of Laken Riley is now famous, but it’s not the only one.

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This is Maddie Hines, she’s a three-year-old girl from South Carolina.

Last fall, she was in a car with her mother, grandmother, and her sister, when it was struck by another vehicle in a terrible collision. Three-year-old Maddie died at the scene—killed… by an illegal alien, who, like the rapists from Florida, is also from Guatemala.

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Gabriel Arteaga, who has been charged with homicide, was actually deported by President Trump, but came back in under Joe Biden.

I have two little daughters who are Maddie’s age, and my heart is in shreds thinking about what her family must be going through.

Little Maddie wasn’t even 4 years old, she just missed her birthday, when her life was taken by an illegal alien, a third-world criminal who should never have been here in the first place.

Maddie would still be alive today, her parents would still have their baby girl, if Democrats—and spineless Republicans—weren’t opening the flood gates to invite these monsters into our nation.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

I want you to look at her picture, really look at her picture: this is a little girl, a life, bright, hopeful, full of joy, on her obituary—an obituary for a three-year-old girl—her parents said she loved to dance and sing songs, they said she had contagious giggles.

Maddie was learning her Bible verses, and was so proud that she had them memorized and loved to recite them to her teachers in Sunday school.

This little life, this burst of joy, is gone now—she was taken away in an instant, and nothing can replace her, or any of the other lives that are lost forever, stolen by people who should not be here.

The next time the Democrats start gushing over “undocumented migrants” just looking for a better life, or the pain of separating families at the border, I want you to remember Maddie’s face, remember that her family has been separated forever, and I want you to think about the price we are all forced to pay so the Democrats can stay in power. For One America News, I’m Pearson Sharp.


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