Flood of Chinese illegals could be spies targeting U.S. infrastructure

OAN’s Pearson Sharp
1:37 PM – Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Experts are warning the Chinese illegals pouring over our southern border are very likely spies for communist China and could be preparing for an attack on U.S. infrastructure. One America’s Pearson Sharp explains.

I’ve warned about this for a long time, but now it looks like we’ve reached the tipping point.

What am I talking about?


It’s clear the southern border no longer exists for any practical purposes, and there is obviously an invasion happening… but it’s deeper than just millions of third-world colonizers coming over to loot and pillage our nation.

There’s another invasion happening, and it’s probably much worse than we think.

There are tens of thousands—if not hundreds of thousands—of military aged, Chinese men sneaking across the border and disappearing into the United States.

Here are a few of these poor Chinese migrants—just arrived in America—not looking for jobs, not trying to find food or shelter, but doing target practice with firearms.

Because of course that’s the first thing you do when you illegally sneak into a new country.

Blaine Holt, a retired Air Force general in Idaho, reported that Chinese are setting up all over his state and carrying out target practice.


These Chinese illegals are coming over in packs of 10-15, all MAMs, or “Military Aged Men,” without any women or children, no families, just what appear to be soldiers from the Communist People’s Liberation Army.

The head of the Border Patrol Union, Brandon Judd, says the invasion of Chinese illegals is highly suspicious and there’s a good chance they’re actually spies for Communist China.

“We’ve gotta let law enforcement do their job, to look into these individuals, why are they here—what is their purpose here? Again, at best, they’re here for a better life. At worst, they’re here to be part of the Chinse government, to infiltrate our own country. But in the middle of that, like what you just said, they’re also here for Criminal enterprise. We know that the Chinese have huge games here in the United States. And they control certain parts of our country. They control the drug flow, they control the prostitution, they control everything that’s illegal in certain portions of the country, and we have to look into that. It’s very important that we understand why are we having so many people from China, especially military aged men, from China. What is the purpose, what is going on behind this, and I hope that the intelligence community can get an answer to that quickly so we can do something about it.”

Here in San Diego, the problem is exploding, and on Monday alone, 208 Chinese nationals were caught coming over the border—totaling 452 Chinese in just three days.

That’s a 500-percent surge over last year, and dwarfs the 450 Chinese who were caught coming over the entire US southern border in all of 2021.

A staggering 37,000 crossed the border last year—again, that’s 37,000 last year, up from just 450 in 2021.

Joseph Biden’s red regime is even fast-tracking Chinese through the border, essentially giving them preferential treatment in his treasonous catch-and-release program.

We can only contemplate the consequences, but things are spiraling quickly as China prepares to invade Taiwan.

That’s no secret, everyone knows Taiwan has been the thorn in China’s side since the communist takeover 70 years ago.

But so far, the US has been behind Taiwan, and invading the little island nation would mean a full military response from America.

Now China can’t go head-to-head with the US militarily, not yet anyway, so what’s a good way to avoid an armed conflict and still takeover Taiwan?

Simple: stop America from responding in the first place—from the inside.

Take advantage of America’s open border and send over an advance force—a vanguard—directly into the heart of the US, and position soldiers around key targets—strategic soft points—ripe for sabotage.

Infrastructure, like dams, power stations, reservoirs, manufacturing and distribution centers, maybe even military bases—all these are ripe for attack, and would bring America to its knees.

Imagine the grid goes completely dark in California—all power lines cut, dams break, flooding and no food or clean water.

This is also exactly what China has talked about doing, in a book written by two Chinese air force colonels called “Unrestricted Warfare.”

They argued that China can and should do whatever is necessary to defeat the US, and going after our vulnerable infrastructure is a great way to start.

In fact, the head of the FBI just recently warned that China’s cyberattacks against our infrastructure are currently at an “unprecedented scale.”

Attacks that are happening, right now, as we speak.

China knows the US is weak right now—weaker than at any point since the last civil war.

We failed in Afghanistan; we failed in Ukraine.

If Beijing launches an attack, it would catch us totally unprepared.

Thousands would die, possibly more, just in the immediate aftermath, and while the US scrambles to pull up our pants, China carries out a first strike against Taiwan.

Without any opposition.

Is that what’s going to happen?

Who knows.

But if I were China, it’s exactly what I would do—right after I picked out the best targets by flying a spy balloon right across the entire country.

But we’d never let something like that happen, would we?

For One America News, I’m Pearson Sharp.


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