Consumer Sentiment Dips And President Announces More Student Debt Cancellations

OAN’s Alicia Summers
3:54 PM – Friday, April 12, 2024

Consumer sentiment about the U.S. economy dipped this month, from 79.4 to 77.9. So why are people feeling this way? Essential costs like food, energy, and housing are still through the roof. And young voices are getting louder. Decent wages mean nothing when the cost of living is unbearable. Many are struggling to afford anything, let alone the American dream of owning a home. Also, the President made an announcement today about canceling more student debt. This means the administration will have canceled student debt for over 4 million borrowers, totaling more than $153 billion over the course of his presidency. This will offer some relief to young people who are not seeing a good return on their college investment, but what about the economy as a whole? What effect will this have on inflation? Ted Thatcher, President of Bright Lake Wealth Management in California, joins OAN’s Alicia Summers to discuss.

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