SK: New summit with NK-U.S. could be ‘turning point’ for peace

South Korea confirms the new summit between the U.S. and North Korea to be held next month. According to a South Korean spokesman Saturday, the summit will take place in late February, with the hope it will be a ‘turning point for lasting peace on the Korean peninsula’. The summit will also reportedly pursue the continued goal of denuclearization, which was previously agreed on by President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during a June summit in Singapore.

President Trump: Mexico is doing nothing to stop the caravan

President trump calls out Mexico over it’s apparent inaction regarding the latest migrant caravan to be heading to the U.S. The president took to Twitter Saturday to say Mexico is doing nothing to stop the caravan, which is now fully formed. He then pointed out the U.S. topped the last two groups, and many of the members of those caravans are still in Mexico.

Partial government shutdown enters day 22, longest federal closure in U.S. history

It is officially the longest federal shut down in U.S. history, as the White House and congress continue to be at an impasse over border security. Congress has adjourned until Monday, and there are no signs of a compromise spending deal coming anytime soon. President Trump said he’s holding off for now on declaring a national emergency over the border, and is calling on Democrats to make a deal to end the shutdown.

Caravan forming in Honduras, could be larger than previous attempt

Another migrant caravan is reportedly forming in Honduras. The caravan’s organizers plan to leave for the U.S. sometime next week, and they are using social media as a way to spread the word. Mexico is already sending hundreds of additional law enforcement agents to its southern border, in anticipation of the caravan.

Pres. Trump optimistic on China trade deal

President Trump speaks out on trade negotiations with China, saying they’re going very well. Speaking at a press briefing Friday, the president said China is paying tremendous tariffs, and as a result, the U.S. is getting billions of dollars. When asked about Apple’s recent stock drop — which affected the overall stock market — and whether it was concerning, he said apple is a great company, but he has to worry about the U.S.

President Trump speaks on border crisis in WH press briefing room

President trump highlights the need for more border security as the new congress takes over. During a surprise press briefing Thursday, the president said he wants to get a lot done with bipartisan support now that Democrats control the House. He also introduced a number of border security and immigration officials that he had just met.