Experts: China will stand its ground against tariff pressure from U.S.

Economic experts in China say they are confident Beijing will be able to withstand the new wave of upcoming U.S. tariffs. During a symposium on the trade war in Beijing Friday, the executive vice-president of China institute of international studies” said the country has a robust trade relationship with many partner nations. He added those relationships help keep China’s economy afloat despite the ongoing trade conflict with the U.S.

Pres. Trump: things are going along very well with China

President Trump things are going along very well with China, amid the ongoing trade dispute with the Asian nation. In a tweet Saturday, the president said “China is paying us tens of billions of dollars, made possible by their monetary devaluations and pumping in massive amounts of cash to keep their system going.” He then said “so far our consumer is paying nothing and no inflation,” and added “no help from the Fed.”

WATCH: Rural America can take on China, India

As President Trump continues to create record manufacturing and U.S.-based jobs as part of his ‘America First’ agenda, one executive says rural America has what it takes to push back the outsourcing threat of China and India. One America’s Chanel Rion has more from Washington.