Senator Lindsey Graham

Senator Burr: Whistleblower’s identity unlikely to be revealed

Senate Intel Chair Richard Burr is saying he doesn’t want the identity of the Ukraine whistleblower to be made public. Talking to reporters on Capitol Hill Thursday, Burr said disclosing the whistleblower’s identity could contradict the Senate’s policy to protect its witnesses. He also said he has never considered revealing who the whistleblower is.

Senator Graham calls for release of whistleblower’s identity

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham is joining calls to identify the whistleblower, claiming the statute used to protect them is “being abused.” While speaking on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Graham said the law protecting whistleblowers is meant to shield a person from being fired and does not necessarily give them anonymity. He called House Democrat’s impeachment process illegitimate and suggested if they impeach the president based on the phone call with Ukraine’s president, it will go nowhere in the Senate.