San Francisco

NRA CEO: San Francisco’s terror designation is reckless

The head of the National Rifle Association is firing back at San Francisco officials. In an exclusive video from Breitbart News, NRA CEO Wayne Lapiere condemned the city’s decision to classify the organization as a “terrorist organization.” He called the move “reckless.”

Illegal acquitted of murdering Kate Steinle gets gun conviction tossed by Calif. appeals court

An illegal alien acquitted of killing Kate Steinle back in 2015 sees his gun conviction overturned by a San Francisco court. Earlier Friday, an appeals court reversed Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate’s 2017 conviction for possession of a firearm by a felon. This comes after he accused a judge of failing to tell the jury it’s not a crime to “momentarily” have a gun. The 46-year-old claims he found the firearm on a San Francisco pier, picked it up, and it “accidentally” went off.