New York Times

Fears over Kushner’s ties to MBS

A new report suggests there are concerns from within the White House regarding Jared Kushner’s relationship to the Saudi Crown Prince. According to the New York Times Saturday, some members of the administration have feared Saudi Arabia was playing the White House senior advisor. They say the concerns began in March of 2017 during Kushner’s trip to Riyadh.

Secy Mattis addresses White House order to protect Border Patrol

Defense Secretary James Mattis speaks out on the presence of troops at the Southern border in the wake of the White House’s authorization of lethal force. On Wednesday Mattis said President Trump saw ‘the need’ to back up Border Patrol and indicated the military is ‘sizing up’ the additional measures authorized. He also estimated more than 5,700 federal troops are committed to the mission on the border right now.

President Trump blasts the NYT over VP Mike Pence loyalty story

President Trump is speaking out against the New York Times, after the newspaper published a story about the president’s alleged questioning of Vice President Mike Pence’s loyalty. Earlier Saturday, the president said Pence is a trooper, and he could not be happier with him, adding the paper never reached out to him for comment. The Time’s report said the president had been questioning Pence’s loyalty so much, that it had reportedly alarmed his advisers. President Trump went on to say he does not question the vice president’s loyalty and said the story was false.