James Mattis

Pres. Trump pushes Congress for increased border wall funding

The clock is ticking for Republicans to secure funding for president Trump’s border wall, before the December 7th deadline. The president will meet with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary James Mattis for lunch Tuesday for an update on the migrant crisis at the border. He will then sit down with house Republican leadership, as the possibility of a partial government shutdown hangs overhead.

North and South Korea complete road connecting countries

North and South Korea appear to be taking the first steps to integrate their societies. According to reports Thursday the north and south have built a road across the demilitarized zone, connecting their shared border for the first time in around 14 years. The road is expected to help with a joint mission to recover the remains of soldiers left behind from the Korean war.

Secy Mattis addresses White House order to protect Border Patrol

Defense Secretary James Mattis speaks out on the presence of troops at the Southern border in the wake of the White House’s authorization of lethal force. On Wednesday Mattis said President Trump saw ‘the need’ to back up Border Patrol and indicated the military is ‘sizing up’ the additional measures authorized. He also estimated more than 5,700 federal troops are committed to the mission on the border right now.