Calif. sheriff supports ICE deportations

One California sheriff said she supports ICE, as they prepare for mass deportations. In an interview Friday, Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims noted that ICE is doing their job, and complying with law to remove illegal immigrants who have evaded deportation. She reiterates that these immigrants received due process and went through the court system, but chose to ignore the law and stay in the country illegally. Several California mayors and the state’s governor have reached-out to illegal immigrants, informing them they don’t have to comply with ice officers if they come knocking on their doors.

Pelosi, McCarthy spar in dueling briefings over reported ICE arrests this weekend

Democrats appear to be giving illegal immigrants advice on how to dodge ICE agents ahead of mass deportation arrests. This comes after the director of Citizenship and Immigration Services said ICE is just trying to do its job by pursuing illegals who have failed to respond to deportation orders. One America’s Marty Golingan has more on the response to the operation from House leaders.