Yellow vest protests enter 10th week

Thousands of French citizens take to the streets for another round of ‘yellow vest’ protests, as the movement enters its 10th week. Reports Saturday said around 7,000 protesters filled the streets of Paris in mostly peaceful demonstrations, with an almost equal amount of police along the sidelines. The protests come as President Emmanuel Macron attempted to kick off a series of town-hall debates, hoping to put an end to the national criticism.

Yellow vest protests enter 8th week

Thousands of ‘yellow vest’ protesters take to the streets of France, as the demonstrations enter the 8th consecutive week. International reports Saturday said protesters called for the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron, as Macron’s popularity reportedly hits an all-time low. Recent counts said the number of protesters has dwindled over the weeks, but organizers said, with the holidays out of the way, more people will be energized to get out again.