TOPSHOT - Children listen to their teacher as they sit in a classroom on the first day of the start of the school year, at the Chaptal elementary school in Paris, on September 2, 2019. - In France some 12.4 million students crossed the doors of elementary schools (6.7 million), secondary school (3.4 million) and high schools (2.3 million) on September 2, 2019. (Photo by Martin BUREAU / AFP) (Photo credit should read MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images)

Media Watchdog on Critical Race Theory in Schools

Critical race theory is banned in several states, but it’s not stopping school from skirting around it. Accuracy Media has been going undercover and in their latest trip to Iowa, they discovered something. One America’s Stella Escobedo has more.

Fla. State Sen. Diaz combats CRT in Schools

Critical Race Theory, or CRT, imposes the radical idea that you are inherently racist, no matter your character, actions or behavior.  The curriculum has gone national, spreading across U.S. schools like wildfire. Florida State Senator Manny Diaz Jr. is drafting legislation to combat the teachings of CRT in his district. He joined OAN’s Dana Cohen to discuss the move.