Capitol Hill

Retired officer discusses dangers of defunding police

Americans continue to see an increased presence in law enforcement protecting state capitol buildings following the Capitol Hill chaos that ensued on January 6th. Still, many are still calling for police departments to be defunded. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with the senior researcher for the policing initiative at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and Retired law enforcement officer Randy Petersen about the repercussions.

Biden administration to shift focus to domestic terrorism

Joe Biden is set to make domestic terrorism a primary focus entering his first days in office, moving away from foreign terror threats. On Tuesday, reports indicated Biden transition officials have entertained the idea and may pull resources used for counterterrorism and instead use it to combat domestic terror.

VP Pence briefed on inauguration security

The FBI has been tracking potential threats of violence surrounding the presidential inauguration. While meeting with members from the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence said the White House is committed to an orderly transition.