Stanford Instructor Removed After Calling Jewish Students ‘Colonizers’

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OAN’s Abril Elfi 
1:53 PM – Sunday, October 15, 2023

During an investigation into claims made by Jewish and Israeli students that they were being singled out in relation to Hamas’ attacks on Israel during lessons, a lecturer at Stanford University was suspended from the school.


The instructor has now been removed from the classroom while the university investigates an influx of reports that, during a discussion regarding the Israeli-Hamas war, he downplayed the Holocaust and singled out Jewish students “based on their backgrounds and identities.”

Stanford released a statement where they said that tensions between pro-Palestine and pro-Israel students was a serious concern.

“Without prejudging the matter, this report is a cause for serious concern. Academic freedom does not permit the identity-based targeting of students,” Stanford said. “The instructor in this course is not currently teaching while the university works to ascertain the facts of the situation.”

Rabbi Dov Greenberg, head of the Chabad Stanford Jewish Center, also said that 3 of the 18 students in the room told him that the lecturer ordered them to move from their seats and stand in a corner.

According to student testimonies reported to Greenberg, the non-faculty lecturer, whose name has not been made public while the investigation is ongoing, is then alleged to have said: “This is what Israel does to Palestinians.”  

Allegedly, the instructor later asked students how many people died in the Holocaust, to which they replied “six million.” The instructor then allegedly said, “Yes. Only six million,” and: “Colonizers killed more than six million… [So] Israel is a colonizer.” 

The identity of the instructor has not been publicly released and the investigation is still ongoing.

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