Report Reveals Biden’s False Allegation That Hur Brought Up Beau’s Death

TOPSHOT - US President Joe Biden answers questions about Israel after speaking about the Special Counsel report in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House in Washington, DC, on February 8, 2024 in a surprise last-minute addition to his schedule for the day. A long-awaited report cleared President Joe Biden of any wrongdoing in his mishandling of classified documents February 8, but dropped a political bombshell by painting the Democrat as a "well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory." The report removed a legal cloud hanging over Biden as he seeks reelection in a contest expected to be against Donald Trump -- who is facing a criminal trial for removing large amounts of secret documents after he lost the White House, then refusing to cooperate with investigators. (Photo by Mandel NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by Mandel NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Elizabeth Volberding
10:35 AM – Monday, February 19, 2024

According to a recent NBC News report, United States President Joe Biden criticized Special Counsel Robert Hur for highlighting the death of his son, Beau Biden, when in reality, it was allegedly the president who introduced the topic regarding the special report, not Hur.


Biden had blasted Hur’s discussion of Beau Biden’s passing in his address to the nation, however, the NBC report revealed that the president had initiated the conversation in his address, while Hur purportedly made no mention of it in his report where he labeled the president as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

As a result, the president lashed out at Hur for supposedly “bringing up his Beau’s passing.”

“How in the hell dare he raise that?” Biden stated in an impromptu White House press conference. “Frankly, when I was asked the question, I thought to myself, it wasn’t any of their damn business.”

However, two sources acquainted with Hur’s two-day, five-hour interview with the president in October 2023 claimed that Hur never posed that topic. The sources stated that the president had initially announced Beau’s passing rather than Hur or his affiliates.

Nevertheless, the two sources cited in the NBC News article on Wednesday claimed Biden, not Hur, brought up Beau’s passing during the interview when discussing the classified documents discovered at a Virginia rental house.

A ghostwriter had been assisting Biden in writing a memoir about losing Beau to brain cancer in 2015, the sources said. Biden brought up the death of his son in response to questions regarding his workflow at a rental home from 2016 to 2018. 

According to the report, investigators obtained a 2017 recording in which Biden informed the ghostwriter that he had discovered “classified stuff” in the residence.

The sources went on to say that Biden seemed “unsure” of Beau’s date of death at that point in the interview as he began discussing other aspects of his life in an attempt to recollect that particular time.

Biden was reportedly accurate about the date, May 30th, but not the year, which was 2015.

“But Hur never asked that question, according to two people familiar with Hur’s five-hour interview with the president over two days last October. It was the president, not Hur or his team, who first introduced Beau Biden’s death, they said,” the NBC report stated. 

“The line of questioning about the memoir was directly relevant to the central issue of the investigation. Hur’s team had learned that Biden was recorded in 2017 telling the ghost writer that he ‘found all the classified stuff downstairs,’ at the Virginia rental home where the two were working on the book,” the report continued.

Hur’s 345-page report, which cited evidence that Biden brought home and retained highly classified material, had cleared him of any criminal wrongdoing due to his age and poor memory. Prosecutors came to the conclusion that they could not demonstrate that the president knew the material was classified at the time, despite the fact that he was found to have given the ghostwriter access to classified material at least three times.

Hur’s descriptions of the president’s memory has drawn harsh criticism of the report from Biden supporters and the administration.

“Why in the hell are you asking that question?” former Attorney General Eric Holder, a Democrat, stated on Monday on MSNBC, prompting that Hur was “a rube, perhaps,” who had “shaded” what he wrote in the report. “What does that have to do with the retention of classified documents?”

Additionally, First Lady Jill Biden asked if Hur was using “our son’s death to score political points” in a letter for fundraising.

According to people who are aware of Biden’s interpretation of the interview, Hur prompted the president to mention his son by posing a number of intimate questions about Beau. Inquiries concerning Biden’s memoir, “Promise Me, Dad,” which details his son’s fight with cancer and eventual passing in 2015, were among them. Hur asked further questions about Biden’s contributions to the Beau Biden Cancer Initiative.

However, these sources did not reveal if Biden or Hur initially mentioned a date or announcement for Beau’s death.

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