Montana GOP officials are third state lawmakers to receive letters with mystery ‘white powder’

Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
1:52 PM – Sunday, June 25, 2023

Republican politicians in Montana claim that they have received envelopes containing white powder in the mail, as federal authorities examine the suspicious chemicals delivered to GOP politicians in two other states as well.


Montana’s Republican Governor Greg Gianforte said in a Friday night tweet that he has received “disturbing” allegations of anonymous threats directed towards legislators.

The Montana attorney general stated on Facebook that the local sheriff’s office had gathered evidence when his mother, a state legislator, had opened one of the letters containing the “white powder substance” sent to her home address.

Photo via Twitter @GovGianforte

“PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS about opening your mail,” Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen said in a social media post directed at legislators. “If you receive a suspicious package, contact law enforcement immediately.”

Similar mysterious letters have been received recently by Republican officials in both Tennessee and Kansas.

On Thursday, a congressional office building in Nashville was temporarily closed down after the House Speaker said that various GOP leaders had received mail containing the infamous “white powder substance.”

The letters also purportedly contained “obvious threats made by a liberal activist specifically targeting Republicans,” according to a representative for the House Republican Caucus, who did not disclose any other specifics.

The FBI stated this week that ongoing lab testing showed no threat to public safety. However, it was also reported that the investigation would still continue.

According to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, around 100 similar letters have been mailed to politicians and other figures throughout the state of Kansas.

No injuries regarding the letters have been reported.

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