McCarthy: Impeachment inquiry of Merrick Garland imminent if whistleblower claims are true

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OAN’s Brooke Mallory
4:02 PM – Sunday, June 25, 2023

If whistleblower allegations that U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware David Weiss wanted to appoint a special counsel in the Department of Justice’s Hunter Biden probe are true, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said on Sunday that it would call for an immediate impeachment inquiry into Attorney General Merrick Garland.


“We need to get to the facts, and that includes reconciling these clear disparities. U.S. Attorney David Weiss must provide answers to the House Judiciary Committee,” McCarthy (R-Calif.) asserted in a tweet.

His retweet contained a story from Washington Examiner Chief Correspondent Byron York, who stated that Shapley claimed Weiss wanted charges launched against Biden in Washington, DC.

Furthermore, York cited Shapley’s defense team’s argument that during a meeting in Weiss’s office on October 7th, 2022, six witnesses heard him say that he “did not have authority to charge in other districts and had thus requested special counsel status.”

Friday’s claim added, “Those six witnesses include Baltimore FBI Special Agent in Charge Tom Sobocinski and Assistant Special Agent in Charge Ryeshia Holley, IRS Assistant Special Agent in Charge Gary Shapley and Special Agent in Charge Darrell Waldon, who also independently and contemporaneously corroborated Mr. Shapley’s account in an email, now public as Exhibit 10, following p. 148 of his testimony transcript. Mr. Shapley would have no insight into why Mr. Weiss would make these statements at the October 7, 2022 meeting if they were false. That Mr. Weiss made these statements is easily corroborated, and it is up to him and the Justice Department to reconcile the evidence of his October 7, 2022 statements with contrary statements by Mr. Weiss and the Attorney General to Congress.”

However, Garland denied on the same day that Weiss ever urged him to appoint a special counsel on the issue.

“I don’t know how it would be possible for anybody to block him from bringing a prosecution given that he has this authority. He was never told no. I’m saying he was given complete authority to make all decisions on his own,” he continued. “The only person with authority to make somebody a special counsel or refuse to make somebody a special counsel is the Attorney General. Mr. Weiss never made that request to me.”

Lastly, Garland added that he “would support Mr. Weiss explaining or testifying on these matters when he deems appropriate.”

The claims come after the Justice Department recently reached a plea agreement with Hunter Biden, who would plead guilty to two counts of “willful failure to pay federal income tax” and join a “pretrial diversion program” for a handgun crime.

Hunter Biden will not face any prison time as a result of the agreement.

Many Republicans who have waited to see proper justice served in court regarding Hunter Biden and his family’s alleged crimes and cover-ups have expressed grievances online and how they feel let down.

“The GOP needs to stop talking and start doing… The entire BiDumb Administration should be IMPEACHED,” one user commented.

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