Israeli-Russian Hostage Escapes Hamas, Local Palestinians Return Him Back To Terrorists

A van carrying hostages released from the Gaza Strip as part of a deal between Israel and Hamas arrives at Sheba Medical Center on November 26, 2023 in Ramat Gan, Israel. A total of 50 hostages currently held by Hamas are to be released during a four-day truce with Israel, the first such pause in fighting since Oct. 7, when Hamas launched its surprise attack and Israeli responded with a vast military offensive to destroy the militant group that governs Gaza. Under the deal, 150 Palestinian prisoners are also to be released from Israel, and more humanitarian aid will be admitted at the Gaza-Egypt border crossing. (Photo by Amir Levy/Getty Images)

OAN’s Elizabeth Volberding
2:22 PM – Tuesday, November 28, 2023

A Russian-Israeli hostage who was abducted by Hamas during its unprecedented attack on Israel on October 7th was able to escape and hide for four days, before Palestinians in Gaza found him and brought him back to the terrorist group.


Roni Krivoi, 25, escaped the terrorist group on Sunday after being held in a building in Gaza that ultimately collapsed as a result of an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) airstrike, according to his aunt Yelena Magid.

“He managed to escape the rubble and break free,” said Krivoi’s aunt, who spoke about his difficulties during an appearance on KAN’s Reshet Bet radio on Monday morning. 

Krivoi’s aunt additionally noted that he suffered from head trauma in the building collapse in Gaza. 

Krivoi had been in an unfamiliar area and was not able to escape very far. Therefore, he instead hid around the Gaza Strip for four days before locals discovered him.

“He tried getting to the border. But he didn’t have the capacity to understand where he was or where he needed to go, so he couldn’t navigate through the open field. He was alone,” Krivoi’s aunt added.

After four days of hiding, Palestinian locals found Krivoi and “returned him to the terrorists hands,” according to his aunt.

However, Krivoi was later released on Sunday as part of a separate swap deal between Hamas and Russia. President Vladimir Putin had requested for the release of Russian hostages.

In what Hamas terrorists described as a “gesture of gratitude” for the Russian President’s “efforts and support of the Palestinian cause,” Krivoi was finally freed on Sunday, according to Israel’s i24 News reports. 

This makes Krivoi the first adult male to be released from captivity, and he was released alongside 13 other Israelis and three foreign hostages on Sunday.

Krivoi had been working as a sound technician at the Supernova Music Festival on October 7th when Hamas terrorists invaded the festival and launched an attack on Israel, killing thousands and abducting hundreds of Israeli civilians.

Krivoi’s aunt described her relief regarding his release, disclosing that when she asked him if he had any nightmares, he said, “Yes, I have nightmares about the party and from being in captivity, but everything is alright now.” 

“He has some other injuries as well,” his aunt said, describing injuries he suffered from the building’s collapse. “He is under medical observation, but he is okay.” 

As part of the fourth swap under the initial four-day truce, which started on Friday and was set to expire, 11 Israeli women and children who had been held captive in Gaza for more than seven weeks were released by Hamas and brought into Israel on Monday night.

Israel has declared that for every ten hostages freed, the cease-fire will be extended by one day.

Following an announcement by Qatar, Hamas declared that it had consented to an extension of two days “under the same terms.” With Monday’s releases, 51 Israelis and 19 hostages of other nationalities have been set free as a result of the truce.

150 Palestinians have been freed from Israeli prison centers as well.

All of the hostages who were released have been reported as being in healthy, stable condition after being transferred to Israeli medical facilities.

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