‘Doxxing Truck’ Displaying Students’ Faces Drives On Harvard’s Campus After Alleged Signing Of Pro-Hamas Letter

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CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS - JUNE 29: People walk through the gate on Harvard Yard at the Harvard University campus on June 29, 2023 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that race-conscious admission policies used by Harvard and the University of North Carolina violate the Constitution, bringing an end to affirmative action in higher education. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

OAN’s Abril Elfi 
2:25 PM – Thursday, October 12, 2023

A truck drove around the Harvard University campus showing the names and pictures of students who allegedly signed a letter blaming Israel for the Hamas terror incidents.


Following the publication of a letter by Harvard students holding Israel “entirely responsible” for Hamas attacks this week, a vehicle named the “doxxing truck” began driving around on the school’s campus on Wednesday flashing the names and pictures of students who signed the letter.

According to pictures of the truck posted on social media, the truck described the students it featured as “Harvard’s Leading Anti-Semites.”

Adam Guillette, the organization’s president, posted on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter and said “Yes, that’s our truck,” stating that they will be “removing the names of students from groups that withdrew but are also adding new names every hour.”

According to The Harvard Crimson, as of Wednesday, eight of the 34 student clubs that signed the letter had withdrawn their names.

The letter was written by the Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) on October 7th.

The PSC addressed the drive-by doxxing with a letter to the school publication, pleading for Harvard leadership to “immediately and unequivocally condemn the harassment and intimidation of its students.”

The statement released also said that “the truck actively threatens students safety on campus at a time when credible death threats have already forced us to postpone a solidarity vigil acknowledging all civilian victims.”

“It is quite literally [a] physical threat, a heinous intimidation technique, a warning sign meant to scare ideological allies into repudiating our mission — and for the Jewish members of associations linked to our own, an unjustifiable and insulting slap in the face,” the group added. “The doxxing truck is the ugliest culmination of a campaign to silence pro-Palestinian activism that the PSC has experienced for years.”

Harvard Executive Vice President Meredith Weenick said in a schoolwide email on Wednesday that the university “takes seriously the safety and wellbeing of every member of our community” and “does not condone or ignore intimidation.”

She went on to say that school administrators had contacted students “to ensure they were aware of resources available to them if they were concerned about their physical safety or experienced an immediate threat.” 

Additionally, she stated that the Harvard University Police Department has “stepped up” its presence on campus and is “coordinating closely with local, state, and federal authorities.”

By Tuesday evening, at least four websites had listed the personal information of students associated with groups that had signed the statement, including complete names, class years, previous work, social media profiles, photographs, and hometowns.

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