Penniless New York Liberals Are Not Trump’s Peers

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 4: Demonstrators protest along the West Side Highway ahead of President Donald Trump's arrival, May 4, 2017 in New York City. President Donald Trump is returning to New York City on Thursday for the first time since taking office and several protests are planned throughout the city. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Demonstrators protest along the West Side Highway ahead of President Donald Trump’s arrival, May 4, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

OAN’s Chanel Rion
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

There will be two kinds of legal fighters in America after this week. 

One kind will watch the New York Trump trial and be inspired by a new playbook. One where inept bottom feeding lawyers can hide behind a shield of political emotion and you can invent crimes to punish your enemies. 

The other kind of legal fighter will mourn the death of justice in America as we know it. 

You’ve heard how biased and prejudicial this case has been… 

Now that closing arguments have been given, here are three vignettes that capture just how willing democrats are to defile our justice system in their rabid hatred for Trump, the once and future president of the United States. 

First, Judge Juan Merchan, whose daughter is stuffing her bank account from her dad’s get Trump circus, bluntly showed his prejudice when he slapped a gag order on Trump – stripping a sitting candidate for president of his First Amendment right. Meanwhile, Michael Cohen, the prosecution’s star witness and a felony liar, was given no gag order – Cohen was allowed to gab all over TikTok and raise money from this charade. And he did. Meanwhile, on the witness stand, Michael Cohen couldn’t remember important facts, admitted to stealing from Trump, and conceded Trump never knew about the details of so-called hush money payments in 2018. This was the crux of the prosecution’s argument, Cohen was their star witness, and they couldn’t prove any of the crimes for which they want to lock Trump up for 136 years.

Their whole case rests on Michael Cohen, a proven liar, and a bimbo dirty films actress who herself admitted that she never had an affair with Trump to begin with. 

Second, acting Judge Merchan gave the Trump team a perfect launchpad for winning this case on appeal. When Michael Cohen was on the stand, he was allowed to yak to his heart’s content about election law – an area of law of which he hasn’t the first clue and experts everywhere mocked him for his ignorance. But Cohen sat there and schooled the jury on a very complicated body of law under the federal election commission. 

So, when Trump’s attorneys tried to correct Cohen’s bumbling misinterpretations about election law by bringing in the former FEC commissioner himself as an expert witness, Judge Merchan wrinkled his nose. Merchan put so many restrictions on the FEC commissioner, the commissioner could not be presented to the jury. Legal professionals on all sides laughed. No matter their politics, it was clear Merchan was stretching the law in order ensure there was prejudice against Trump. Incidentally, under New York rules of evidence, an expert “cannot be precluded from offering an opinion on an ultimate issue in the case if it is beyond the knowledge of the jury and would help them.” Merchan’s antics will not survive appellate court. 

The third travesty was this: Trump was not judged by a jury of his peers. He was judged by a panel of penniless New York liberals. Not a single person on that jury is a self-made billionaire and former president of the United States. I doubt any of them could afford to fuel Trump’s jet for even an hour. I doubt any of them have owned skyscrapers or put together multimillion dollar deals across oceans. A jury of Trump’s peers? Fellow billionaires; deal makers; politicians; resort magnates; go and find Trump’s actual peers – had this sham trial been tried before a jury of Trump’s actual peers… this case would have been laughed out of court. Because a jury of Trump’s peers would understand what they’re witnessing: a sweaty bureaucrat with a J.D. dancing for his DNC slave masters – forced into manufacturing a ‘crime’ to fit the man… all in order to save a decrepit Biden from a rising Trump. 

This case backfired big time. But the real casualty is America’s trust in our justice system. For that, the Democrats should never be forgiven. 

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