Vice President Pence Reaffirms Commitment to Cuban People on Independence Day

Vice President Mike Pence celebrates Cuban Independence Day and reaffirms the United States’ commitment to the Cuban people.

In a series of tweets today, Pence said the U.S. honors the brave Cuban heroes who continue to stand up for freedom.

He added the U.S. supports the Cuban people’s right to democracy and human rights; and the former leader’s handpicked successor will not stifle the people’s pursuit of freedom.

China Agrees to Buy More U.S. Goods in Hopes of Alleviating Trade Tensions

China is agreeing to purchase more U.S. goods in an effort to alleviate trade tensions between the world’s largest economies.

In a joint statement today, the U.S. and China said there was a consensus on taking steps to reduce the trade deficits between the two countries.

China reportedly resisted demands from Washington to cut trade deficits in half, and was hesitant to commit to purchasing more U.S. goods.

Pres. Trump Orders Flags to Half-staff to Respect Texas Shooting Victims

President Trump orders all flags in the U.S. to fly at half-staff, due to the deadly shooting at a Texas high school. In a press release Friday, the President announced, the White House flag will be lowered out of respect, and required every public building, including U.S. embassies and military facilities, to do the same. He also asked God to heal the injured, comfort the wounded, and be with the victim’s and their families.

Fmr Russian Spy Poisoned by Nerve Agent is Discharged From Hospital

Ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal is finally released from the hospital two months after he and his daughter were allegedly poisoned by a Russian nerve agent on British soil. Sergei Skripal was discharged earlier Friday, from the Salisbury District Hospital in England. It remains unclear if he will be taken to a secure location following the release.

Mullen: Chance of Military Conflict Increases If Summit Talks Fail

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen cautions if the summit between President Trump and Kim Jong-Un fails, the chance of a conflict will increase.

In an interview today, Mullen said he was concerned if the talks failed, the likelihood of options are ‘dramatically reduced to potential conflict,’ adding it’s a ‘huge worry.’

Rouhani: Iran Will Remain in Deal If Other 5 Countries Fulfill Promises

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says he is still committed to the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Today, Rouhani commented after previously expressing his skepticism regarding the remaining countries in the deal.

Days after the Iranian leader expressed doubt about the future of the deal, European leaders such as President Emmanuel Macron of France, Angela Merkel of Germany and Theresa May of Britain all spoke about their commitment to the deal, despite U.S. withdrawal last week.