OAN’S Week In Review

This week has been filled with major headlines in the U.S. and around the world. One America’s Rachel Acenas takes us through the top stories of the week. 

Pres. trump: NATO Allies Will Finally Commit To Increase Defense Spending

President trump takes to Twitter to commend NATO allies allocating more money to defense funding, saying ‘this is now changing, for the first time.’ In a pair of early morning tweets Saturday morning, the president said previous administrations have been unsuccessful in getting other countries to contribute more to defense. He added the U.S. pays $10 billions to subsidize Europe.

U.S. Allows 90 Day Deadline to Request Product Exclusions From Chinese Tariffs

The U.S. allows a 90 day deadline for companies requesting product exclusions on Chinese tariffs. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer announced the deadline Friday, and clarified the decision for each product will be made on an individual basis. After a request is filed, the information will be posted online and public debate will be open for two weeks.