OAN’s Week in Review

This week has been filled with major headlines across the nation and around the world. One America’s Rachel Acenas takes us through the top stories of the week.

Pres. Trump Lauds U.S. Relationship With G7, Touts Reciprocal Trade

President Trump suggests the idea of ending all tariffs on trade barriers between the U.S. and its G-7 allies. On Saturday, the president confirmed reports he offered the proposal at the end of the trade meeting Friday. Before departing the summit for Singapore, President Trump said ‘we should at least consider no tariffs, no barriers, scrapping all of it.’

Pres. Trump Heads to Singapore Summit With NK

President Trump is now headed to the historic summit with North Korea. Moment of truth for the president is almost underway, as the summit is set to take place at 9 a.m. local time on Monday, on Singapore’s Sentosa Island at the Capella Hotel. The island is located off the Singapore coast, separated from the hustle and bustle, and known widely for its luxury resorts.