Energy Secy Perry asserts Russia, U.S., Saudi Arabia can compensate for oil fall

Energy Secretary Rick Perry said the U.S., Russia, and Saudi Arabia can make-up for the shortage in Iranian oil exports. In a recent interview on Friday Perry said he felt comfortable with the outlook for global crude output, and oil prices. This comes after the Trump administration announced they will slap sanctions on Iran, a nation that has already cut supply to two year lows.

Rep. Trey Gowdy calls for release of transcripts from House Russia probe

Republican congressman Trey Gowdy calls for the release of all transcripts from the GOP House Committee’s Russia investigation. Gowdy urged the committee to release the documents this week, saying there is “information that would be beneficial for the public to see.” He also said there would be “no national security concerns” should the committee release the transcripts.

Sen. Graham calls for investigation into alleged DOJ, FBI anti-Trump bias

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham calls for an investigation into allegations of ‘systemic anti-trump bias’ at the Obama-Era DOJ and FBI. The Republican announced plans Thursday, to get in touch with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, to appoint an independent counsel to look into the accusations.

Graham went on to criticize Rosenstein for failing to look into the matter himself, saying the Strzok-Page texts alone “scream for the need of a special counsel.”