AG Sessions Suggests Sanctuary Cities Are Shielding Illegal Immigrants

Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues to crack down on illegal immigration, saying sanctuary cities are contributing to issues with violent gangs and drugs. During a speech Thursday to dozens of law enforcement officers in North Carolina, Sessions said cities that shield illegals are adding to the problems caused by gangs like MS-13.

Sessions Says Sanctuary City Policies to Blame for Chicago Violence, N.Y. Exec Vetoes Immigration Bill

eff Sessions says sanctuary city policies do more damage to the country than many understand. While speaking from Miami, Florida on Wednesday, the attorney general praised Miami-Dade County as a successful example of lower crime rates thanks to full compliance with federal immigration laws. Meanwhile, a county executive in New York says a new immigration bill would endanger the public by making Westchester a sanctuary county.

DOJ Slams Chicago Sanctuary City Lawsuit

The Department of Justice quickly fires back against a lawsuit by the city of Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel filed the suit against the department over a new policy aiming to withhold federal crime fighting funds from sanctuary cities.