Washington, Corrupt Mainstream Media Wages War on OAN

OAN’s Pearson Sharp
10:23 AM -Friday, March 29, 2024

Truth in journalism and freedom of the press are under assault in our nation today, and sources for credible news are few and far between. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more on why the radical left is trying to silence independent news networks like OAN.

It’s no secret that One America News is the go-to target for the radical left-wing tyrants in America.

Communists in Washington and the mainstream media have decided it’s much safer to attack, deplatform, demonetize, and censor us than it is to maintain the freedom of the press.

Time and again, OAN has reported news that no other news station will touch—and for our efforts, the corrupt elite at the White House pulled some strings, and got us kicked off the airwaves.

Do you think they’d have us censored if we were lying?

If our reporting was actually fake news?

No, they’re censoring us because we’re right.

We’ve been right about everything, the whole time: When someone is wrong about something, you use facts to prove them wrong.

But when they’re right, and you can’t admit it because you’d go to jail… then you cover them up.

And so of course when we exposed the so-called president’s son as a meth-head drug addict sex fiend taking bribes from Ukraine and China, we get censored.

Can’t have stories like that floating around!

Now, you could have waited and watched the mainstream media to find out about the horrifying abuses revealed on Hunter Biden’s laptop—or you could’ve watched One America News, where we covered the story three years ago.

Same goes for the Wuhan Lab leak of the dreaded China virus: you could have followed the mainstream media, which dismissed Anthony Fauci’s ties to the lab, before finally admitting that yes, it was true… or, you could have followed One America News, which uncovered the story, again over three years ago.

Or how about the reports on January 6th, which OAN revealed as fake news—no one was killed by protestors, the only violence that day appears to have been carried out by potential FBI plants and Antifa rioters dressed as Trump supporters; officer Brian Sicknick wasn’t killed by a blow to the head by a Trump protester wielding a fire extinguisher—he died of natural causes.

In fact, the only reason people believed Officer Sicknick was killed by Trump supporters in the first place is because the mainstream media lied about it!

They reported on it, and lied about it, and the fact checkers did nothing to stop them… to this day—they’ve never been fact checked for lying about Brian Sicknick.

But we have been.

For telling the truth.

And then there’s the stories of Russian collusion—the phony narrative peddled by the corporate news channels, which OAN exposed as a totally fabricated lie.

The Russian collusion story was ever worse, because it was created by Trump’s political opponent, and was spread and propagated by the mainstream media, who fed their lies to the American people for the sole purpose of sabotaging Trump’s campaign.

We reported on Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Steel Dossier, and how she and her cohorts have been exposed by the Durham Report for spying on President Trump, with the help of the US Government.

In fact, we interviewed Carter Page back in 2018, blowing this lid off Clinton’s conspiracy to frame President Trump.

One America News reported it, the mainstream media covered it up.

Are you starting to get the picture, why the radical Left is so desperate to censor OAN?

But it doesn’t stop there, OAN was the only network to report on the false flag attacks in Douma, Syria, in 2018, which I personally investigated and exposed after meeting with doctors and residents there, who explained no such attack had ever occurred.

The Mainstream media never covered that report.

Voting fraud is another ongoing story, with OAN reporting on the mountains of evidence of election interference that no other network will touch.

And we’ve been doing that for years, going back to the 2017 election in Alabama, where out of the blue Judge Roy Moore was accused of sexual assault by some random women—who waited until just days before the election to come forward, after remaining silent about the incidents for over 40 years.

Mysteriously, after the election, all those accusations vanished, and the women disappeared back into hiding.

And let’s not forget the biggest, scariest story of all—the dreaded China virus!

For the last three years, you could have suffered in fear and doubt through the pandemic, terrified for your life as the mainstream media warned the sky was falling.

Or, you could watch OAN, where you would have learned about the safe, proven treatments that have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine—medications the media claimed were for “deworming horses,” warning they “will kill you.”

Well, it won’t kill you, that’s a lie, and we were the only ones sharing this life-saving information, which is backed up by numerous studies proving One America News was right all along.

When One America News tried to expose this, we were banned from YouTube for “misinformation.”

And these are just a handful of the stories we’ve uncovered over the years, stories which never would have been brought to light were it not for OAN’s dedication to reporting the truth.

This is why One America News is so crucial, and what sets us apart from all the other news networks on air today.

Although it may not be popular—the truth rarely is—we have never backed down or shied away from reporting the facts—even if we had to do it alone. For One America News, I’m Pearson Sharp.

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