Republicans Sell Out, Join Democrats To Save House Speaker Mike Johnson

OAN’s Pearson Sharp
4:52 PM – Monday, May 13, 2024

RINO Republicans effectively hand control of Congress to the Democrats by joining them in a vote to save House Speaker Mike Johnson from being removed from office. One America’s Pearson Sharp explains.

We don’t have two parties in America anymore, we’ve just got the one—the “uniparty”—and they’re letting everyone know they’re large and in charge and they’re coming for Marj.

This week one of the few remaining Republicans in Congress took a stand against the swamp, and the swamp fought back.

True to her word, Marjorie Taylor Greene forced a vote to remove the treasonous swamp creature Mike Johnson, and wouldn’t you know—the Democrats came to his rescue, and saved the republican speaker of the house.

:11 – “… Declaring the office of the speaker of the house of representatives to be vacant… this is the uniparty for the American people watching.”

In fact, 163 Democrats joined 196 “republicans” to protect Mike Johnson from being removed.

Nancy Pelosi herself voted to save Mike Johnson.

Now why would the Democrats save a Republican?

When have they ever lifted a finger to do anything for Republicans??

Johnson’s no more a republican than the Dalai Lama is a Catholic—but that’s not stopping the deep state from rallying around him and claiming that “this isn’t the time for division” and “republicans need to stand together.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Republicans need to stand together, and rid themselves of this feckless, fascist fraud.

Johnson is a democrat weapon, and they’re using him against us, against America, with deadly precision.

So far this “republican” speaker of the house has happily passed every single Democrat bill they’ve sent his way, without giving Republicans anything—no border security, no debt relief, no help with inflation—just more spending, more abortions, more mutilating children on the altar of trans rights.

Marjorie Taylor Greene:
Whereas Speaker Johnson supported fully funding abortion the trans agenda, the climate agenda, foreign wars and Biden’s border crisis rather than ensuring liberty opportunity and security for all Americans.

He gave his full support to the FISA bill to illegally spy on Americans, and eagerly passed the Democrats $95 billion dollar aid package, throwing away our hard-earned money, giving Democrats everything, and giving us nothing in return.

This guy says he’s a Christian, but he’s helping Democrats pass anti-Christian legislation, including making part of the Bible hate speech!

11:48 – “This isn’t a republican speaker we have right now, this is a democrat speaker of the house, because there is zero daylight between what Nancy Pelosi did last congress, and what Mike Johnson is doing now, our so-called “republican speaker of the house.”

Out of all the Republicans in Congress, only eleven were brave enough to step forward and put their names on the line to remove this traitor.

We’ll show them now, so you know who’s really fighting for America.

Representatives Andy Biggs, Eric Burlison, Eli Crane, Warren Davidson, Paul Gosar, Thomas Massie, Alex Mooney, Barry Moore, Chip Roy, Victoria Spartz, and of course, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

These patriots are the only men and women who had the courage to stand up to the deep state, and do what’s right.

Remember, Johnson is the man who continually praises his Democrat rival, Hakeem Jeffries, calling him a “man of his word,” and claiming that he has “a lot more in common” with Jeffries than people realize.

No, I think we all fully realize how similar Mike Johnson is to Hakeem Jeffries—in fact, you’d be hard pressed to find any differences between them, so it’s no wonder Jeffries says it’s the Democrats who are really in charge.

:00 – “… Even though we’re in the minority, we effectively have been governing as if we were in the majority.”

So after all that, *how does Johnson repay the Democrats for saving his bacon?

He immediately turns around and vows not to defund special counsel Jack Smith—the Democrats’ attack dog going after Trump.

When Johnson was specifically asked if he would use his constitutional power to put a stop to Jack Smith’s witch hunt to throw President Trump in jail for life, Johnson said “no.”

And that’s even after Smith admitted to tampering with evidence in his case against Trump.

Marjorie Taylor Greene:
Whereas Speaker Johnson fully funded special counsel Jack Smith’s witch hunt in 91 indictments against President Trump. Our Republican presidential nominee house Republicans could have used our power of the purse to stop this, but Speaker Johnson didn’t even let us try. So now you know where Johnson stands.

And yet for some reason, Republicans, including Trump, say, “now’s not the time to remove Johnson.”

But I ask you this: if not now, when?

How much more damage does Johnson need to do—how much more damage are we willing to let him do, before Republicans finally say “enough!”

By protecting Johnson, they’re not protecting America, they’re protecting the Democrats’ agenda to destroy America.

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats.

Now there’s talk that next year Jim Jordan will run for speaker again—and with Trump in office, there’s a real possibility he could make it.

But next year is a long way off, and Johnson is already throwing his full support behind the very people trying to take President Trump down for good.

God bless Marjorie Taylor Greene, Thomas Massie, and the other patriots who stood up to oppose Johnson’s betrayals.

If a few more Republicans would dig down deep, find what’s left of their backbones, and show the same kind of patriotism as Marjorie Taylor Greene, well, there might still be a chance to save our country. For One America News, I’m Pearson Sharp.

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