CIA caught operating secret bases in Ukraine

OAN’s Pearson Sharp
5:14 PM – Wednesday, March 6, 2024

A new report reveals the CIA is operating at least a dozen secret command centers across Ukraine, allowing the agency to carry out military operations against Russian forces in the region. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.

For over two years now, we here at One America News have been warning that the war in Ukraine is not at all what it appears to be.

In 2022, I reported that Ukraine was home to dozens of US-funded biolabs—centers tied to Hunter Biden, that were reportedly working on producing bioweapons, including the COVID-19 Democrat Commie virus.

Today, thanks to an expose from the New York Times, of all places, we have more evidence that Ukraine is nothing more than a playground for Washington to establish their globalist agenda.

Ukrainian military officials have confirmed that the US government is funding and operating secret, high-tech command centers all across Ukraine.

What’s more, at least a dozen of these bases are fully-funded and operated by the Central Intelligence Agency.

These covert bases were built as part of a program under Barack Obama over a decade ago, with the specific goal of spying on Russia, and influencing Ukraine’s military operations.

You heard that right—around the same time that the war criminal and deep state mastermind Victoria Nuland was helping orchestrate the $5-billion-dollar coup in Ukraine to depose the democratically elected president, Obama’s intelligence agencies were busy setting up spy centers to coordinate attacks against Russia.

And by the way—Victoria Nuland is now trying to resign as fast as she can after the Gateway Pundit filed a FOIA request over her role in the death of US journalist Gonzalo Lira—who was an outspoken critic of Victoria, and was then captured and tortured to death in a Ukrainian prison.

Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

This network of 12 secret CIA funded bases were built all along the Russian border, and are designed to act as the “nerve center” for Ukraine’s military, picking up Russia’s military communications, and keeping tabs on Russian spy satellites.

But they’re also being used by CIA-trained commandos to launch drone and missile strikes over the Russian border.

In case you missed that, the CIA is taking part in attacks on Russian territory.

Ivan Bakanov, the former head of Ukraine’s intelligence agency, said there’s no way Ukraine could have stayed in the war this long without help from the CIA.

Which, by the way, includes crack teams of commandos from a group known as Unit 2245, soldiers who are trained by the CIA.

It’s part of a program called “Operation Goldfish,” which equipped these Ukrainian commandos with advanced American gear and weapons, and sends them out to fight against Russian forces.

We have to point out—this is exactly what President Vladimir Putin has been saying from the very beginning, before the war even started: that the US was illegally building up its military on the Russian border.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, because apparently the CIA is operating even more bases than were exposed in this report.

According to officials in the Kremlin, there are “many more” CIA bases that “everyone” knows about, and they warn that Russia is taking all necessary “counter actions.”

Well they were right about everything up to this point, including warning the world that the US was operating illegal bioweapons labs in Ukraine.

I wonder what else Russia has been right about?

None of this is all that surprising—like I said, we’ve been reporting on this for years.

The real shocking part is that they would come out and admit what they’re doing—so the big question becomes, why is this coming out now?

We know the CIA runs the New York Times, so why do they want us to know about their operations in Ukraine?

Unfortunately, if I had to take a guess, I’d say they want to start a war.

The New York Times piece wasn’t for our information—it was a slap in the face to Russia, during an election year, at a time when war could be declared and elections for the next President of the United States could be suspended.

That might be the only way Creepy Joe and the Democrats could keep control of the White House.

Because think about it: how would the US react if we found out Russia had dozens of spy bases on our border with Canada?

That the Kremlin was fielding elite teams of spies and operatives to carry out drone and missile strikes on our infrastructure, and sending commando teams to target members of our military and law enforcement?

By any standard, these are clearly acts of war, and the ball is in Russia’s court to decide how to respond.

We can only hope, and pray, Russia declines our offer to kick off World War Three. For One America News, I’m Pearson Sharp.


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