Mao’s Cultural Revolution Survivor Exposes parallels with America’s Woke Revolution

OAN’s Alicia Summers
2:00 PM – Wednesday, June 20, 2023

Lily Tang Williams, a Chinese-American who survived Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China describes the chilling similarities between Mao’s Communist tactics and America’s Woke Revolution.

Some of these similarities include dividing people into the oppressed and oppressors, using the media as a tool to spread state propaganda, censoring speech, tearing down statues, renaming buildings, taking jobs away from dissenters, promoting a genderless society, creating confusion and social chaos, and teaching children to distrust their parents in order to turn them toward the state. Lily feels compelled to shed light on the dangerous direction she sees the country headed in.

What sets her apart is that she’s not just ‘talking the talk,’ but she’s also ‘walking the walk’ by making a run for Washington as a Republican candidate for Congress in new Hampshire.

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