Joe Rogan’s vaccine debate offer climbs to $1.5 million pot

OAN’s Brennan Cooney
3:09 PM – Monday, June 19, 2023

Joe Rogan is offering a large sum of money to be donated to charity for vaccine scientist Peter Hotez to debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

In recent days, Rogan’s initial offer of $100,000 had climbed to over $1.5 million.

Rogan offered to host a debate between the two on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast after Hotez had shared a Vice article accusing him of spreading misinformation for hosting vaccine critic and presidential candidate RFK Jr.

People who added hundreds of thousands of dollars to Rogan’s initial offer included Pershing Square CEO Bill Ackman and philanthropist Steve Kirsch.

While Hotez continues to decline the debate offer, former Twitter CEO Elon Musk has said that this is because the scientist knows he would lose.

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