Trump Impeachment

Democrats hope to limit president’s powers to recall ambassadors

Senate Democrats are working on a number of proposals to limit the president’s powers to recall ambassadors. According to reports, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) is drafting new rules aimed at limiting the president’s power over the State Department, including one which would grant Congress more authority to question the president over their decision to recall ambassadors.

President Trump unveils spending cuts, fiscal stimulus in 2021 budget

The Trump administration is bracing for a new battle with congressional Democrats over the proposed federal budget for fiscal year 2021. The $4.8 trillion budget, unveiled Monday, has proposed major cuts to wasteful spending, while keeping non-defense spending at $590 billion and allocating roughly $740 billion on national defense.

Hillary Clinton speaks out on President Trump’s acquittal

Hillary Clinton recently weighed in on President Trump’s acquittal on both articles of impeachment. While speaking during an interview with Ellen Thursday, the twice failed presidential contender said she was disappointed by the Senate’s vote to acquit the president during the impeachment trial.