In Focus with Addison Smith

In Focus, hosted by Addison Smith explores the top issues and stories of the day using insight and humor cultivated from many years of reporting the news and covering politics. Smith, a straight shooter, isn’t afraid to tell you what he thinks.

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In Focus, weeknights on One America News Network

About Addison Smith

Before Addison Smith was the host of “In Focus with Addison Smith” on One America News Network, he was previously a Campus Reform Reporter, covering liberal bias on college campuses. Addison also worked with Liberty University’s Standing for Freedom Center as a social media manager, the College Fix as a student reporter, and was a Campus Reform Senior Correspondent. Both he and his work has been featured in Fox News, Daily Wire, Breitbart, NewsMax, The Blaze, and more, and frequently interviews prominent political figures, journalists, commentators and more on his daily talk show.