Richard Pollock

Pollster John McLaughlin: Don’t believe the mainstream polls

Political commentators are now claiming the Democrats are on the cusp of winning a landslide election against President Trump. One America’s Richard Pollock sat down for his weekly discussion with the President’s pollster, John McLaughlin, who said voters faced this same type of disinformation campaign only weeks before the 2016 election.

Kamala Harris refused to hold Catholic priests accountable for sexual abuse as DA of San Francisco

One issue that still haunts Sen. Kamala Harris is when she halted an ongoing investigation of Catholic priests accused of abusing children while she was San Francisco’s district attorney. Under Harris, San Francisco became the only major city to refuse to prosecute any Catholic priests. When Harris campaigned for district attorney, she also was the recipient of donations from many of the church’s lawyers and board members. One America’s Richard Pollock explains.

Left-wing dark money sweeping the 2020 campaign

Michael Bloomberg and secretive left-wing dark money figures are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the 2020 presidential election. One America’s Richard Pollock sat down with an investigative researcher at the Capital Research Center to discuss this troubling issue.

The Democrat Party’s ties to the Ku Klux Klan

As Democrats and the radical left attempt to cancel many great American leaders, including our founding fathers who might have been associated with racism, it doesn’t appear to extend to their own party’s historic racist sins. One America’s Richard Pollock reports about this forgotten history from Washington.

Polls show positive continued Trump momentum

Despite the drumbeat of national polls claiming that Democrat Joe Biden is ahead for the presidency, there are abundant signs the race is moving in President Trump’s direction. OAN’s Richard Pollock sat down with John McLaughlin, the President’s pollster, to learn more.