Pearson Sharp

Calif. doctor successfully cures 1,700 COVID-19 patients

While the media continues pushing hype around the coronavirus, actual medical experts say we already have the tools we need to combat the virus. One America’s Pearson Sharp spoke with Brian Tyson, a doctor in Southern California who has successfully treated over 1,700 patients with the drug hydroxychloroquine.

Adam Schiff’s shady ties to Ukraine exposed

California congressman Adam Schiff has made a name for himself by repeatedly lying about President Trump, including his involvement with Ukraine. However, the congressman has his own shady ties to Ukraine that the mainstream media won’t investigate. One America’s Pearson Sharp explains.

Coronavirus infections much lower in Africa

The anti-viral medication hydroxychloroquine gets a bad rap in the media, but more and more studies are showing it has promise when used against the coronavirus.

One America’s Pearson Sharp explains how countries using the drug in Africa have some of the lowest COVID infection rates in the world.