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NYC mom demands toddler mask mandate be lifted

Toddlers ages two to five are the only people masked in New York City. The masks were suppose to come off on April 4, but the city refused to lift the mandate because of rising COVID numbers. OAN’s Stella Escobedo caught up with a mom who said the mask mandate no longer makes sense.

One-on-One with Freedom Convoy USA 2022 organizer Kyle Sefcik

Inspired by the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa and driven over the edge by COVID manatees here in America, the Freedom Convoy USA 2022 is getting ready to start a similar protest in the U.S.A. The convoy is set to begin in California on February 25 and is scheduled to arrive in Washington, D.C. on March 1. On that same day, the State of the Union Address takes place. One of the organizers of Freedom Convoy USA 2022, Kyle Sefcik, joined One America’s Alicia Summers to further discuss the movement.

Calif. Assemblyman Kevin Kiley discusses school COVID mandates

Fully vaccinated California residents have been given the green-light to take off their masks indoor, but students in the state are still being forced to wear them in schools until the Health Department reevaluates that on February 28. One America’s Stella Escobedo spoke with California assemblyman Kevin Kiley about the states strict COVID-19 mandates.