Christina Bobb

‘No Riot Act’ to increase penalties for assaults on cops

Law enforcement has come under increased pressure and scrutiny as riots continue across the country. Some officers have even become targets for assaults and attempted murders. OAN’s Christina Bobb has more on the “No Riot Act,” which aims to increase penalties for individuals who target law enforcement.

ICE discusses COVID-19 in detention facilities

Detention centers have come under immense scrutiny amid efforts to ensure appropriate measures are taken to protect those inside from COVID-19. One America’s Christina Bobb met with ICE officials to discuss the steps the agency has taken to ensure the safety of both the staff and the detainees within these facilities.

ICE discusses the dangers of sanctuary cities

Several U.S. cities who declared themselves sanctuary cities are promising not to cooperate with federal immigration law enforcement. One America’s Christina Bobb sat down with ICE Associate Executive Director of Enforcement and Removal Ops Henry Lucero to learn more about the unintended consequences of these policies.

Middle East peace talk developments

The Crown Prince of Bahrain is set to visit the White House on Monday to discuss a potential peace deal with Israel. One America’s Christina Bobb spoke with Middle East expert Erielle Davidson to learn more.

Ivanka Trump conducts fireside chat with Pa. voters

Pennsylvania is a key swing state in this year’s election. Ivanka Trump recently took to the campaign trail to discuss the president’s initiatives with Pennsylvania voters. Erin Elmore hosted the fireside chat and spoke with One America’s Christina Bobb about the event.