Press Release: OAN response to claim made by a municipal official

March 23, 2019One America News Network (OAN) is aware of a statement made by a municipal official claiming that a hair dryer may kill the Coronavirus.  One America News has done a thorough review of all on-air, social media, and website content.  We have also asked staff to track down any possible association between the statements made by the official  and One America News Network.  We are unable to find any association between the statements made by the municipal official and One America News Network.

On Wednesday, March 18, One America News Network did exhibit a news article from a major news aggregator on our website,,  that debunks a number of false methods to kill the Coronavirus, including the use of a hand dryer.  In other words, OAN debunked the claim that heat can kill the Coronavirus in an impacted person.

As of Monday morning, March 23, One America News is in direct contact with the municipal official.  It is our understanding that he is unsure of the source of his statement. We will report more information later today on air.

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