One America News Network Appoints Monica Paige to Lead White House Coverage

Source: Herring Networks, Inc., dba One America News Network

Monica Paige Appointed as White House Correspondent for OAN

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 12, 2023 – One America News Network, (“OAN”) announced today that Monica Paige will lead OAN’s White House coverage as the network’s Chief White House Correspondent. Paige will provide OAN viewers with multiple daily  in-depth reports and commentary from the North Lawn of the White House.

“Monica Paige is an exceptional journalist, and we’re proud to have her represent OAN as our White House Correspondent,” stated Robert Herring, CEO of One America News Network. “Monica’s dedication to delivering fair and accurate coverage combined with her fresh takes and fearless pursuit of the truth align perfectly with our network’s values. We are confident Monica will shine in this highly coveted position as she is a rising star in the world of journalism.”

Chief White House Correspondent for  One America News Network, Monica Paige.
Chief White House Correspondent for One America News Network, Monica Paige.

“It’s truly an honor to be appointed to serve as OAN’s White House Correspondent. I’m grateful to OAN for entrusting me with this responsibility and I look forward to delivering insight, accuracy, and transparency in an approachable manner to and for our viewers daily,” stated Paige.

Renowned for her bold interviewing style and unwavering commitment to bringing honest reporting to viewers from behind the anchor desk, Paige served as a reporter and news anchor for OAN. Paige conducted key interviews on national politics, including with elected officials, candidates, and top experts in national security and the economy. Prior to joining OAN as on-air talent, Paige spent four years behind the scenes producing for multiple national media outlets. As a producer, Paige sharpened her newswriting, reporting, and storytelling skills by building accurate, compelling, and informative news segments for various programs.

About One America News Network, (“OAN”)

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