OAN to Expand Primetime Lineup from Three to Four Talk Shows Effective Tonight


Source: Herring Networks, Inc.

Dated:  September 14, 2020

Statement by Robert Herring, Sr., Founder & CEO, OAN

Today, I’m pleased to announce that One America News Network (“OAN”) will be featuring FOUR prime-time talk shows. Historically, we have only featured three shows in our prime-time line up. Internally, we have been working hard to enhance our prime-time lineup for some time and expand to four shows. With much to be analyzed and discussed in the news cycle,  we felt adding another primetime show would be of great value to our viewers. Our quantitative evaluation of our prior lineup showed some deficiencies. One show was showing weakness in the ratings compared to the other two. Thus, today, I’m pleased to announce the addition of REAL AMERICA with Dan Ball in the 7 pm PT, 10 pm ET time slot. Dan is a seasoned veteran with over 20 years of experience. America’s Mayor, Rudy Guiliani is Dan’s headliner tonight.  I hope you tune in to his show.  Stephanie Hamill has returned to OAN and will be hosting her new show, In Focus with Stephanie Hamill at 5 pm PT, 8 pm ET. Alex Salvi continues to host After Hours with Alex Salvi debuting tonight at 8 pm PT slot.  Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler was scheduled, and announced internally to our staff,  to move to the 9 pm PT, midnight ET time slot, effective today,  due to ratings concerns. With Ms. Wheeler’s unexpected departure on Friday, Kara McKinney, will be hosting Tipping Point with Kara McKinney.

I’m aware of some misstatements regarding Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler. Ms. Wheeler took over the show upon Tomi Lahren’s departure. (The name of the program was changed from On Point to Tipping Point due to a trademark issue.)  Our records show that Liz Wheeler hosted approximately 1,257 episodes, not over 2,000. Ratings concerns led to the show being moved to the midnight Eastern time slot. Announcements of the new programming lineup were issued to staff prior to Ms. Wheeler’s unexpected departure. Kara McKinney has been a regular host for our talk shows and will be the new host of Tipping Point. She is nothing short of  brilliant in analyzing the news in a methodical, factual manner. I hope you watch her program.

About Herring Networks

One America News Network is a dependable and reliable source of credible news reporting offering 18 hours of live news coverage every weekday plus four weekday one-hour political talk shows, namely REAL AMERICA with Dan Ball, In Focus with Stephanie Hamill, After Hours with Alex Salvi, and Tipping Point with Kara McKinney.  While other established cable news network’s offer multiple hours of live news coverage, only OAN can claim to consistently provide 18 hours of live coverage every weekday.  For additional information visit www.oann.com.


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