Trump Endorsed Bernie Moreno Wins Ohio GOP Senate Primary In Landslide Victory

Cleveland businessman Bernie Moreno, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, smiles at supporters during his primary election night watch party in Westlake, Ohio, Tuesday, March 19, 2024. (AP Photo/David Dermer)
Cleveland businessman Bernie Moreno, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, smiles at supporters during his primary election night watch party in Westlake, Ohio, Tuesday, March 19, 2024. (AP Photo/David Dermer)

OAN’s James Meyers
8:09 AM -Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Trump endorsed candidate Bernie Moreno has won the Republican nomination for the Ohio Senate and will now face off against incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio.) this November. 


Moreno, who is a businessman, defeated state Senator Matt Dolan (R-Ohio.) and Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose (R-Ohio.) in a race that became closer before the voting day on Tuesday. 

However, Moreno won easily by garnering 50% of the vote, with Dolan coming in second receiving almost 33% of the vote.

After being deemed the winner, Moreno gave a huge thanks in his victory speech to the importance of Donald Trump’s endorsement and his plans for the general election campaign.

“Let’s just say this, an endorsement from President Donald J. Trump is the most powerful endorsement in modern political history,” Moreno told Fox News Digital during an interview following his victory speech. “There’s never been anything like it before, probably won’t be anything like it afterwards, so I was incredibly honored.”

“It was probably decisive because at the end of the day, he’s the ultimate good housekeeping seal of approval. People like President Trump in Ohio for a very good reason. When he was president, we had world stability, we had low interest rates with good wages going up. So things were objectively good when President Trump was in office, and they’re really bad under President Biden.”

“I think what I’ve heard all over Ohio is that what people expect from their leaders is to put America first,” Moreno said. “That should be the job description by the way. That shouldn’t even be an issue for one candidate versus another and they’re also sick of career politicians. They’re sick of people who do this for a living.”

During his campaign, Moreno had built up a significant advantage over his opponents receiving multiple endorsements, gathering support from Trump and other Ohio Republicans in Senator JD Vance (R-Ohio.) and Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio.).

Moreno, who won almost nearly every county in the state, told Fox News that the race against Brown is going to get “nasty.”

“It’s going to be very nasty for one reason, Sherrod Brown can’t run on anything other than nastiness,” Moreno said. “He has no record. This guy is an abject failure. He has not done anything for Ohio. His policies have crushed working-class Americans, so he has no choice. He has to distract from a record of total failure and disaster. His adherence to Joe Biden, his bending the knee to Elizabeth Warren, he has to answer to that.”

After the announcement of Moreno’s victory, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee posted on X that Ohio Republicans chose a “far-right anti-abortion multi-millionaire” who is “only looking out for himself.”

Moreno’s-now opponent quickly reacted to Moreno’s victory on social media. 

“The choice ahead of Ohio is clear: Bernie Moreno has spent his career and campaign putting himself first, and would do the same if elected,” Brown posted on X after Moreno’s victory. “I’ll always work for Ohio.”

Meanwhile, the Ohio Senate race will be one of the most closely watched in November, with many believing that Ohio is one of the strongest opportunities to help take back control of the U.S. Senate. 

Moreno said if elected he will focus on “energy dominance” will be a top priority from the start.

“Not energy independence,” Moreno said. “Energy dominance. “That’s mining for coal, drilling for oil and extracting natural gas, and we have to build nuclear power plants in this country again, so that we have the low cost of energy that allows us to bring manufacturing back.”

“Those are the things we’re going to do pretty much in the first 100 days, and then we’re going to get rid of the Department of Education. Its stranglehold on our kids, it’s what’s causing this indoctrination, and we also have to reform our three letter agencies.”

Currently, Democrats control the U.S. Senate with a 51-49 majority, but Democrats are defending 23 of the 34 seats up for grabs come November. 

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