Top Project Veritas investigative journalist shares impact of multi-state ‘Too Young’ probe into medical corruption in minors gender-mutilation business

OAN’s Neil W. McCabe
4:30 PM – Monday, May 20, 2023

[Mamaroneck, N.Y.] Project Veritas’ senior investigative reporter, who broke many of its biggest stories working undercover, shared with One America News the impact of its multi-state “Too Young” probe into corrupt practices by medical professionals seeking to chemically and surgically gender-mutilate minors.


The journalist said Project Veritas recently released a massive undercover investigation into chemical and surgical gender mutilation of minors.

“Our three-part investigation, “Too Young,” spanned eight states, more than 50 locales to show how medical professionals are giving children as young as eight-years-old puberty blockers—eight-years-old, dude,” said Christian Hartsock, who was the undercover journalist, who recorded the Facebook human resources executive saying she did not want white males working at the social media giant.

Hartsock said the medical personnel spoke freely to Project Veritas journalists with hidden cameras about their gaming the system and committing acts of fraud.

One of the most frightening techniques the medical personnel use on reluctant parents is to tell them that if they do not go along with the gender-switch drug routines and or procedures, their child will commit suicide, he said.

It puts the parents in the position where they are told in order to save their child; they must stop protecting their child, he said.

“We have them admitting minors are being transitioned without restrictions,” the Burbank, California, native said.

“We have them telling us that they bring in their own therapists to write letters to rubber stamp surgeries. We have them telling us how they’re withholding medical records from authorities, how they can get these drugs to illegal migrant children with no parents, no papers,” he said.

“The impact of our reporting can be seen,” he said.

“For instance, the Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin has suddenly stopped providing transition-related care to transgender teenagers,” Hartsock said. “This is according to several parents who were told that they would need to find new providers.”

The hospital also announced the doctors working on the gender-switch procedures have moved on, he said.

“Dell Children’s said in a statement: While its Adolescent Medicine Clinic remains open, the physicians, quote, ‘the physicians who previously staffed the clinic will be departing,’ so the physicians that we caught on tape, now gone,” he said.

Hartsock helped launch Project Veritas with its founder

Hartsock, a film school graduate, worked for more for Project Veritas, with dozens of his undercover investigations dominating the headlines and social media without a byline or public acknowledgment.

Now that the operation’s founder packed up his things and left, he has taken a more prominent role in the public eye and as the chief investigative reporter.

“I started with Veritas well before it was called Project Veritas, which was about 2012, 2013. It was Veritas Visuals when I first started,” he said.

“Some of my biggest stories were covering the Wisconsin protests in 2011,” he said.

“This was back in the day when you could use a handheld camera and just a friendly face, maybe an Obama t-shirt, and get people telling you what they really thought—and those ended up being very big stories,” he said.

The idea behind Project Veritas was to build an organization into a support structure for journalists working to expose corruption and impropriety with hidden cameras so that the wrongdoers indict themselves, Hartsock said.

“My very first job for Project Veritas was in August of 2009 when I drove down to Huntington Beach, and I met up with Hannah Giles and shot video of her dressed as a prostitute and strutting her stuff along Huntington Beach along the pier,” he said.

“That was going to be intercut as an interstitial with the undercover ACORN tapes. And of course, that was the Citizen Kane of Project Veritas, of what would become Project Veritas and also the debut article of the, which Andrew Breitbart launched under with the ACORN tapes,” he said.

In the spring of 2009, a young conservative activist, Hannah Giles, came up with the idea to sting the social justice organization ACORN, or the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, and reached out to the Project Veritas founder.

It was less than a year after both The New York Times and ABC News spiked stories set to run before the 2008 presidential election exposing questionable coordination and sharing of donor information between ACORN and Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Giles and the Project Veritas founder conceived a plan to portray a pimp and prostitute during visits to ACORN offices around the country–and while wearing hidden cameras, they would ask for help and advice regarding public assistance to support different parts of their prostitution and sex-trafficking business.

After the ACORN tapes led President Barack Obama, who was once an ACORN lawyer, to sign legislation to defund the social justice organization, he continued to work with Project Veritas and Andrew Breitbart. “I was becoming friends with Andrew Breitbart in L.A.; I was doing my own video content.”

Hartsock: Project Veritas is the last hope for journalism

Hartsock said he is proud that he and his Project Veritas colleagues are saving journalism from journalists.

“I didn’t go to J-school,” he said.

“Our founder did not go to J-school. None of us went to J-school, and we probably dodged a few bullets doing so because a lot of the people coming out of J-school are doing anything but journalism these days,” he said.

“It’s kind of left to us. We’re the last hope for the actual, or the last true, mimesis of the honest curiosities of the public.”

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