The Presbyterian Church in America to petition politicians against promoting transgender procedures for minors

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OAN’s Roy Francis
8:59 AM – Thursday, June 22, 2023

The major conservative Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) has voted to petition government officials against promoting transgender procedures for minors throughout the country according to Fox News.


The PCA had recently held its 50th General Assembly in Tennessee, and approved the petition to urge government officials to “renounce the sin” of promoting irreversible sex change procedures for minors. The move was approved by a vote of 1,089 to 793.

The church argued that God created human beings as male and female and that Jesus Christ had warned against scandalizing children. They also cited multiple studies that show that the sex change procedures are “a rejection of science,” the studies also showed that the major 900% increase in gender dysphoria among girls in recent years is a result of “contemporary social, educational, and cultural influences.”

“I think all churches are dealing with these issues, as we well know, because of the cultural push at this time to congratulate people who question their sexual identity,” the Reverend Bryan Chapell told Fox News Digital. “All young people are certainly being subjected to that cultural push, but it in our view does not cohere with either science or Scripture.”

Fred Greco, the Reverend who had served as the moderator of the General Assembly, said that no one in the denomination supports the idea of transgenderism. He said that the reason behind the ones who voted against the petition was that the members had argued about how involved they should be in state affairs.

However, Greco said that it passed because the actions of politicians and adults in regards to children are “very, very dangerous.”

“We have governmental officials saying not only do we have to press [children] to make these decisions, we have to allow them to do so without even the input of their parents. That’s very, very dangerous,” he said. “I think that’s what has gotten so many people concerned about it, and I think that also makes it rise to the level of a ‘case extraordinary’ – that it’s not just a bad moral decision, it’s something where the government is interfering with the rights of parents and allowing this to happen in an irreversible fashion.”

Greco was tasked with picking members of the commission that will draft the petition which will include several medical professionals and that the final version of the petition will be around two pages long. He added that the petition will avoid issues such as biological men in women’s sport.

“The issue would be solely about medical procedures and drugs that are involved with transitioning, especially with respect to minors,” he said. “Because the idea there, obviously, is we don’t speak to everything that people do when they’re adults.”

He went on to explain that the PCA also has congregations in Canada and that they are looking for ways to get the petition in “front of the Canadian government without violating our polity” since the assembly had not officially approved a petition for the Canadian government as of yet.

“Our Canadian brothers have expressed some concern about how they can be involved and have their government a copy of this as well,” he said.

The PCA is the denomination of the church that is affiliated with the Covenant School in Tennessee where three children and three adults were gunned down in March.

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