Ted Cruz slams Biden for pandering to French President Macron

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OAN Brooke Mallory
UPDATED 6:03 PM – Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Senator Ted Cruz posted on Twitter on Wednesday criticizing President Joe Biden and his foreign policies, claiming that it caused America’s oldest ally, France, to turn to China’s Xi Jinping for support.


Cruz (R-Texas) tweeted in reference to remarks French President Emmanuel Macron made earlier in the day regarding China.

Macron urged France and Europe in general to not support Taiwan in the same way as the United States during an interview.

“Stunning. Even the left-wing leaders of Europe — whom Biden has assiduously courted (and obsequiously a—kissed)—are openly screwing the U.S.,” the Republican senator said. “Serious [Question]: could Biden possibly have screwed up foreign policy more?”

Macron spent three days in China and reiterated talking points from the Chinese government regarding Taiwan, prompting Cruz’s tweet.

“The question we need to answer, as Europeans, is the following: is it in our interest to accelerate (a crisis) on Taiwan? No,” Macron said in an interview. “The worst thing would be to think that we Europeans must become followers on this topic and take our cue from the U.S. agenda and a Chinese overreaction.”

“We, Europeans, must wake up. Our priority is not others’ agendas in all regions of the world,” Macron maintained.

The French president’s comments have drawn heavy criticism.

In a video, other American legislators like Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) asked Macron if he spoke for all of Europe and urged other European nations to be as transparent as possible about their objectives.

“If Macron speaks for all of Europe, and their position now is they’re not going to pick sides between the U.S. and China over Taiwan, maybe then we should not be taking sides either,” Rubio said, referring to the billions of dollars of aid that the U.S. has sent Ukraine.

Macron called for a European proposal prior to the Ukraine crisis that would be shared “with our allies” before then being submitted to Russia, clearly ignoring the United States. Along with warning about Europe’s security dependence on the U.S., Macron has long advocated for the transformation of the European Union into a third global superpower to stand alongside China and the U.S..

The Biden administration appeared to dismiss any underlying significance of Macron’s remarks and emphasized that the United States and France were closely collaborating.

John Kirby, a spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, said on Monday that the two allies maintain a “terrific bilateral cooperation” and work together to support Ukraine and maintain peace in the Indo-Pacific area.

“We’re focused on… making sure that together we’re meeting the national security requirements of both countries,” Kirby said.

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