Suspect Arrested After DNA Links Him To Sexual Assault Cold Cases

(Photo via; Sacramento Police Department)
(Photo via; Sacramento Police Department)

OAN’s Abril Elfi
12:58 PM – Wednesday, September 6, 2023

A man was arrested in late August after DNA tests had linked him to multiple sexual assault cold cases.


On August 29th, Kabeh Cummings was arrested by police in New York and extradited to Sacramento last Friday, as he is a suspected serial rapist accused of committing multiple sexual assaults between the years 2010 to 2013.

During a press conference, Sacramento Police Chief Katherine Lester stated that a victim was walking home in March 2010 when she was grabbed from behind and strangled.

The suspect then allegedly took the unconscious female victim behind a building and sexually assaulted her before escaping from the area. After gaining consciousness, the victim reported the incident to authorities.

The incident happened a month after another related assault had occurred.

The chief stated that DNA samples from the victims were collected and placed into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). There were no hits or matches in the system at the time, and the cases went cold.

Assistant Sheriff LeeAnneDra Marchese discussed a third instance during the conference that occurred in September of 2013.

An individual had grabbed a victim from behind, brandished a stun gun at the victim, and threatened her life before forcing her to walk into a dark alley and sexually assaulting her before leaving.

The victim was able to receive assistance from a nearby business afterwards, and her DNA was submitted to CODIS, similar to the other two incidents. However, that case became cold as well when no leads showed up in the police’s ID system.

Lester said that the cases were reviewed further and looked closer into in 2018 by Sacramento Police Department cold case detectives, the sexual assault and child abuse section, and the District Attorney’s office.

Later, a profile was developed using the biological evidence from the first two cases. The sheriff’s office reportedly had a comprehensive DNA profile constructed using the biological evidence from the three cases and they were all found to be a match.

With the new profile created, authorities were able to identify Cummings as the suspect of all three cases. 

The suspect is scheduled to be arraigned on charges of kidnapping and carrying away, kidnapping to commit rape, anal or genital penetration by foreign object by force, forcible oral copulation, forcible rape, and sodomy of an unconscious victim.

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