Senator Johnson scolds liberal media for not covering suspicious Biden family deals

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OAN’s Brooke Mallory
4:47 PM – Sunday, June 11, 2023

Senator Ron Johnson came down on left-leaning mainstream media outlets on Sunday for purportedly covering up the Biden family’s shady business transactions, notably those involving President Biden and his son Hunter.


The indignation comes as the Department of Justice accused former President Donald Trump of 37 federal offenses, including deliberate retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and false statements, all linked to his alleged mishandling of secret data.

Johnson (R-Wis.) asserted that the current federal examination against Hunter Biden has delivered a different conclusion, still somehow progressing at a snail’s pace after years. He then told Fox News reporter Bartiromo that he was not surprised by the double standard.

“When you consider the exoneration of Hillary Clinton, when you consider the fraudulent and corrupt investigation on Russian collusion – which was a complete lie, and the FBI knew it was – you put all of these things together, and the FBI, the Department of Justice have interfered in the 2016 election, the 2020 election and here we go again,” Johnson said. “They’re going to be interfering in the 2024 election.”

Johnson termed the corruption a “horrible mess” and also said “it’s hard not to be suspicious” of the agency in its purported attempt to block Trump’s political ambitions.

“The investigation of Hunter Biden has been dragging on for years. They were able to wrap up this [Trump] investigation very rapidly. In addition, they announce it pretty much the same day when the details of the FBI confidential human sources is going to be revealed by members of Congress,” he continued.

Hours before news of Trump’s arrest had gone public, the House Oversight Committee finally acquired access to a document allegedly revealing that current President Joe Biden and his son Hunter received $5 million as a bribery payment from a Burisma Holdings CEO.

Johnson subsequently stated that, after analyzing records linked to the allegedly questionable business operations, he believes the Biden family understood “exactly” what sorts of people they were working with.

Additionally, he blasted the mainstream media as “complicit, compliant [and] corrupt” throughout the process, omitting to shed light on the Biden family’s suspicious transactions while publicizing worries about Trump.

“They’re not covering this thing honestly,” he said. “President Ford decided it was best for America not to pursue prosecution against President Nixon. President Trump pretty much made the same decision by deciding not to pursue any kind of prosecution of Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden could’ve made the exact same decision, but he didn’t,” he concluded.

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