Report: Biden Takes ‘Vow of Silence’ Regarding Trump Indictment

President Joe Biden speaks at the League of Conservation Voters annual capital dinner in Washington, Wednesday, June 14, 2023. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
President Joe Biden speaks at the League of Conservation Voters annual capital dinner in Washington, Wednesday, June 14, 2023. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

OAN’s Daniel Baldwin
1:25 PM – Thursday, June 15, 2023

Reports say that President Joe Biden and his top aides have taken a vow of silence regarding the federal indictment of former President Donald Trump.


“The silence tells you everything you need to know,” Karoline Leavitt, Make America Great Again Inc. spokeswoman, told One America News.

Politico reported that Biden and his aides have ordered the national Democratic Party and his reelection campaign to follow suit.

“If you are indicting the former president of the United States and your leading political opponent, you better be confident that you have a serious case and a serious crime,” said Leavitt. “And you should be talking about it all over the place.”

Trump was arraigned on 37 federal charges Tuesday at a federal courthouse in Miami, Florida. The 45th president pleaded not guilty on every single charge.

“Joe Biden is using the full weight of the Department of Justice to target his political opposition, indicting President Trump for something that isn’t even a crime,” Leavitt said.

Leavitt asserted that the Biden Administration was utilizing the Trump indictment as a means of distracting the American public from the alleged criminal bribery scheme involving the 46th president.

“The dam is breaking on the Joe Biden corrupt crime family,” Leavitt told OAN. “He is compromised. Our enemies know it. This is a scary situation for the United States that our sitting commander-in-chief accepted 10 million in bribes for he and his crackhead son.”

Biden currently finds himself under fire after Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley claimed that an FBI-generated document revealed that a Burisma Oil executive has 17 audio conversations between himself and Joe and Hunter Biden. 

“The House Republicans have the proof,” said Leavitt. “They have the cold heart out evidence, truth and justice will prevail.”

The Media Research Center revealed that from June 8th to June 12th, ABC, CBS, and NBC devoted 291 minutes of coverage to the Trump indictment. Yet those three did not spend a single second on Biden-Burisma alleged criminal bribery scheme. 

“They are complicit in the Biden corrupt crime family and helping them cover up the corruption,” said Leavitt. “This is Pulitzer Prize stuff. They should be reporting on the fact that Joe Biden and his family set up 20 shell companies when he was vice president.” 

“Real journalists would be foaming at the mouth over something like that,” Leavitt continued. “But they’re silent and that tells you everything you need to know.”

Trump has seen his support skyrocket in polls since his indictment. According to the RealClearPolitics polling average, Trump’s lead over Biden in a hypothetical 2024 race jumped to 2%. 

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