Poll: Voters In Battleground House Districts Favor Ukraine Aid

TOPSHOT - Ukrainian service members look for and collect unexploded shells after a fighting with Russian raiding group in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv in the morning of February 26, 2022, according to Ukrainian service personnel at the scene. - Ukrainian soldiers repulsed a Russian attack in the capital, the military said on February 26 after a defiant President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed his pro-Western country would not be bowed by Moscow. It started the third day since Russian leader Vladimir Putin unleashed a full-scale invasion that has killed dozens of people, forced more than 50,000 to flee Ukraine in just 48 hours and sparked fears of a wider conflict in Europe. (Photo by Sergei SUPINSKY / AFP) (Photo by SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s James Meyers
2:04 PM – Tuesday, April 16, 2024

A new poll suggests that GOP voters favor sending aid to Ukraine in their ongoing war against Russia. 


American Action Network, the advocacy arm of the Congressional Leadership Fund, which is a super PAC whose goal is to grow the House Republican majority, commissioned three surveys in February and March to see poll-takers’ opinions on both U.S.-provided aid, financial and military aid for Ukraine, and Russia’s 26-month-old invasion. 

The data in the February poll showed that 60% of battleground district voters are in favor of all forms of U.S. aid to Ukraine, with support actually being the highest among 50-64 year olds (60%) and 65-older (80%). 

The data contradicts what many Democrats have consistently insinuated about conservatives, claiming that Republicans are “pro-Russia.”

Additionally, a low 34% of all swing district voters were against the funding, while 6% said they were indecisive on supporting aid.

Furthermore, a large group of Republicans in GOP House seats hold the opinion that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is an enemy of the United States” and “wants to re-establish the Soviet Union’s sphere of influence in Eastern and Central Europe.”

The other poll, conducted in March, revealed that 46% of safe district GOP voters back at least the provision of sending military aid to Ukraine, compared to 40% who are against all forms of U.S. assistance to the Eastern European nation. 

“There’s a perception that Ukraine is unpopular and a liability among Republican voters, and the reality is that could not be further from the truth,” Dan Conston, the president of the Congressional Leadership Fund, told The Post Tuesday. “That opposition is driven from a loud few rather than a plurality or a majority.”

A third March survey showed that 6 in 10 Republican voters in red districts, strongly favored “providing additional funding and protection for U.S. troops stationed overseas” (69%), “rebuilding US defense industrial capacity to produce military products we need more quickly and efficiently” (64%), and “refilling U.S. weapons stockpiles that have been drained because many weapons have been sent to Ukraine” (62%).

The released poll comes after House Speaker Mike Johnson announced on Monday that Republicans would vote on four separate bills regarding aid to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, citing national security concerns. 

Meanwhile, the text of the bills is expected to come forward on Tuesday. 

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